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  1. Thanks all again . Ive been out for a walk and felt the support from your kind messages and met 5 baby swans who ive watched their mum nesting for 5 weeks , It felt almost symbolic she persisted and so can I . Ill post some pictures on my website . .http://www.mindfulnessyourway.ie
  2. Thank you so much they are such great ideas . I’ve taken a week off and I’ve always felt drawn to yoga and Qi gong . I teach mindfulness too so that’s helped but the your ideas are super helpful thank you so much xxx
  3. I am a Doctor , primary care physician and . mindfulness meditation teacher . I've done trainings with rick hanson ,connected kids and recently 5 weeks with deb dana and the polyvagal theory of stress . all of these things help hugely and i feel doing the online classes has kept me grounded as i could see peoples faces they could see mine without masks and PPE . although in the last two weeks as thing are coming back to normal I'm having a huge sense of wanting to take to the bed and not get up ! I'm suffering from back pain which i never had before and I feel like I'm plodding a bit through the day . anyone any ideas about mediations that might help give me back my mojo . give me a bit of energy . many thanks ahead of time xxx
  4. Thanks Paige , I'm glad to be back in connection with you all . Ive been busy with working in the surgery and homeschooling ,and trying to get the mindfulness classes up on line . the classes are the only thing keeping me on the path at the moment . although i think over the last week or two there's some realisation that Covid stress in my workplace has taken some of my energy away ! Hope everyone is keeping we'll all over the world . keep safe xx
  5. I am a primary care physician and trained MBSR teacher . I also did trainings with Dr rick Hanson and positive neuroplasticity and i am now doing some polyvagal theory webinars with deb dana . The stress in the surgery for the patients and staff is massive at the moment and my trainings are really helping me and the patients . id love to hear how others mix the two areas . i teach mindfulness and mediation classes outside of my day job . currently doing it on line . its working well . Im teaching outside my day job as a dr as mindfulnessyourway.ie
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