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  1. Hello to you both. I'm new to mindfulness as well. I'm a little intimidated with where to begin, but I think I'm getting a great start from a lot of the suggestions shared so far. There are a few techniques being shared in the stress category of the forum! (Thanks, @Gillian Sanger for sharing!)
  2. Yes exactly, thank you! Knowing I should include phrases like "self compassion" in my search helps me filter & find the types of resources I'm seeking, which I can apply.
  3. After reading through the introductions I realized that so many of you have experience with business/corporate mindfulness workshops. So, I thought I'd ask the community for a point in the right direction. I'm completely new to practicing, but I'm curious how I might embrace mindfulness at work. Specifically when giving or receiving feedback. Especially receiving it! I tend to avoid having difficult conversations where feedback is involved - but you can't grow and learn without those moments. I'm a generally open and receptive person in other areas of my life, I'd like to ensure I bring that to my work relationships as well but I'm not exactly sure how or where to start. Any guidance is welcome, from reading suggestions and links, to information here, or your own tips if you like...
  4. Still learning! A close friend of mine is a sifu. He occasionally teaches tai chi, but because he's recovering from a back injury he sent me a few youtube videos for an evening qigong routine that he felt would work for me.
  5. Thank you for sharing the online mindfulness event, I'll be attending. I've never attended a multi-day event online before, looking forward to this! 

  6. Lavender oil is a staple for me as well. Besides the usual uses, I also add it to my evening skincare routine (body moisturizers & hair oils - also really great for itchy winter nights skin). I'm enveloped in the smell by bedtime. I started practicing an evening qigong routine that I'm really enjoying. I completely notice the difference in how long it takes me to fall asleep, or how often I wake up during the night, when/if I skip evenings.
  7. We're in the same boat @Veronica Nice to meet you here!
  8. I'm following this discussion & can't wait to learn more tips! I've actually had lifetime struggles with GAD and social phobia. Following a suggestion of trying guided meditations led me here. I'd love to try this. Are there any additional resources for breath awareness you might be able to link me to? (I'm learning!) I did find a fantastic guided meditation but I don't always have 30 uninterrupted min when I need it most.
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