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  1. @Calm I've just come across your thread here, hello! I'm wondering if you've tried the resources here yet, or possibly found any other guided meditations that you've found helpful for panic and anxiety?
  2. Sure, the app is called (try not to laugh) App Block! Looks like it's only available for Android phones, but I'm sure there is a similar app for iPhone. Also I'm not sure if this is helpful, but on Androids the DND settings allow you to select when a call can get through your silence times. For example, if any number calls back-to-back, their 2nd ring will get through. I'd much rather use the App Block though, so I can keep my ringers on for emergencies just as you've described.
  3. Not so profound probably, but for both cases: "go take a walk." In my youth I was a real hot head, it wasn't until I was an adult that I learned to walk off my immediate reactions to things. My future self would likely remind me to go take a walk. Except now the walk is a way to invigorate my childhood curiosity in nature, sights and sounds.
  4. I'm new to mindfulness, but I've been slowly removing unhealthy habits from my daily routine and replacing them with with healthier practices. One seemingly small change made a huge difference in how I start my day. I mention it here because I often see suggestions (elsewhere) of using mindfulness apps and practices for starting your day - but they don't typically mention this. I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same or a similar experience. Every morning I'd wake up feeling anxious and a little chaotic. Knowing there was stuff to get done, I'd reach for my phone thinking that if I just quickly checked my calendar, emails, notifications, etc - I'd know what was on my plate and then I'd be able to continue my morning with a sense of calm. If you're not new to this, you probably know where this is going ... I never reached that calm, and it didn't matter if I made a list the evening prior, or had a relaxation routine before bed (thanks, GAD!). I repeated that chaotic morning routine for years Now that I've been trying to create a blank canvas and clear my mind in the mornings I realized that my phone was helping me to set an anxious tone for my entire day. Now I just use my phones DND settings alongside another app that prevents me from opening my email, calendar, etc during hours I set in advance. So, even if I forget and pick up my phone from habit, I can't start myself down my path of distractions. (which also allows me to be kinder to myself, in a way) It has been about two weeks now, and long story short - I finally realized that for me, a quiet phone allowed for a quiet mind, which in turn made learning new techniques and embracing moments throughout the day feel a little more natural.
  5. Today I'm grateful for a random butterfly that decided to hang out just outside my kitchen window for several minutes this morning. It's not normally a spot where I see them, so it was a welcome surprise that allowed me to stop, be still, and just enjoy the moment—which is normally something I struggle with.
  6. Hello again. I hope I'm not over-posting, but I've recently been looking into workplace meditation spaces. I personally use co-working spaces when I'm not working from home so I've been on the hunt for a few in my own area that offer meditation rooms. While looking, I came across a few office mindfulness spaces that I think serve as nice inspiration. I shared them over in the gallery. https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/gallery/category/4-where-do-you-practice-mindfulness/ (I think this is an open gallery anyone can add to!) Now, finding local office spaces (my goal) was a bit tricky with more companies giving their meditation rooms alternate names. That totally makes sense that they want to personalize the space with their brand in mind, but honestly it also made it a bit difficult to find local spaces I could visit and cowork at. So my tip: if you're interested in meditation room design (as part of your consulting or for any reason really), I found a lot of places are calling their mindfulness areas relaxation zones, recharge rooms, gadget-free rooms, and intention altars -- the list goes on so being creative with your search is a good idea. ETA: I should mention that I also noticed more of the coworking spaces are creating larger dedicated mindfulness areas now, and allow individuals to use the space for their classes, workshops or events, for a fee (or as part of the membership) . That might be of interest to our consultants and independent teachers here in the community.
  7. I am so comforted by softness, and I'm instantly getting that comforting energy from this space.
  8. Hey @katecone, it's nice to meet you I just wanted to 2nd that member map suggestion—I've been using it and it definitely makes it easy to find other members nearby. Although I'm on the opposite coast, I hope to see you around here in the community!
  9. until

    I've also been following! Although today is the last day, the videos are visible for a couple of days after each is published - if anyone was curious. As someone completely new to mindfulness I think I'm benefitting most from the Practice Challenge videos. I think it's probably an especially beneficial collection for parents who are new to mindfulness, so I've found myself skipping some of the videos around those topics. Online summits/panels are tricky. They're great because you remove those location/time restrictions for the viewers and the guests themselves - but I agree, more engagement opportunities would have been nice. They do allow comments, but I participated in an online panel once that offered a live feed of each guest interview and a live chat throughout - so you could talk to each other and ask questions of the hosts and guests. It felt much more valuable in that way, so I can understand what you mean @Jane Bjerklie-Barry
  10. Hiya @Amanda, welcome and nice to meet you here
  11. From the album: Workplace Mindfulness Spaces

    In New York, Plant the Future created this rooftop garden for an office to provide an escape from the busy city life where people can reconnect with nature.
  12. From the album: Workplace Mindfulness Spaces

    The labyrinth room at Vanderbilt is open 24 hours a day to all staff, patients and families who would like to use it for meditation or prayer.
  13. From the album: Workplace Mindfulness Spaces

    The Essence office in the UK incorporates biophilic design in their meditation room
  14. From the album: Workplace Mindfulness Spaces

    The Assemblage offers four meditation rooms within their coworking building
  15. @Leanne I just read your introduction post. What you wrote really resonated I'm tagging you here in case the discussion is of interest considering you mentioned bringing mindfulness to the work place in your intro!
  16. Thanks! I thought I was just looking in the wrong spot for the setting (classic me), so I'm glad this is helpful.
  17. Is it possible to receive an email daily with all the new threads created, across all the topics? I'm wondering where I can find that setting, or is the only way to follow each main category separately? I have the daily email selected in my settings, but so far it only includes what I've individually selected to follow, if that makes sense. ETA: would be great if it also includes new images from the gallery and new events added to the calendar as well!
  18. Thank you so much @Gillian Sanger I love this approach. I've taken body language workshops in the past (for PR) and I just realized that I had the posture down, but not the mentality and heart to go with it (open and receptive body language, closed mind). Thank you for helping to get me a step closer to connecting the two! I'm excited to practice breathing through the heart
  19. Ro H.


    Hi @Mridu, pleased to meet ya! I was wondering if you could send me more info about your 30 day Mindfulness & Meditation Challenge you offered at work. Curious about the areas you cover during the challenge. I've been trying to learn more about incorporating practices at/for work (I just posted a thread about it here the other day). I think you can send me a private message if that's ok! And huge congratulations on your upcoming presentations!
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