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  1. As I read your shares here in the community, I find that so much of your story resonates, especially your share on boundaries.  I wanted to say hello, and thank you :classic_smile:

    1. Paige PIlege

      Paige PIlege

      Hello right back at you.  I am finding myself here more often these days.  I joined the 100 day challenge and my 3rd day email failed to get here.  I accidentally joined with 2 emails and I cancelled one.  I hope I didn't mess it up.  More than likely I did.  Always something. haha.  I read yours too.  Funny how we all seem to resonate and if we put ourselves together I find the energy awesome.  My tribe is gaining wonderfully I started about 5 months ago.  Time is flying by so fast.  Happy New Year and back to reading and chatting.  Blessings. 

    2. Ro H.

      Ro H.

      I also joined the challenge! Just checked and I still have day 3 in my email archive. I'm happy to copy/paste it over to you in a private message if you're still missing it. 

    3. Paige PIlege

      Paige PIlege

      That would be wonderful.  You can send to soulfitnesslife@gmail.com     Thank you.  

  2. Thank you for sharing the online mindfulness event, I'll be attending. I've never attended a multi-day event online before, looking forward to this! 

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