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  1. I've also been following! Although today is the last day, the videos are visible for a couple of days after each is published - if anyone was curious. 

     As someone completely new to mindfulness I think I'm benefitting most from the Practice Challenge videos. I think it's probably an especially beneficial collection for parents who are new to mindfulness, so I've found myself skipping some of the videos around those topics. 

    Online summits/panels are tricky. They're great because you remove those location/time restrictions for the viewers and the guests themselves - but I agree, more engagement opportunities would have been nice. They do allow comments, but I participated in an online panel once that offered a live feed of each guest interview and a live chat throughout - so you could talk to each other and ask questions of the hosts and guests. It felt much more  valuable in that way, so I can understand what you mean @Jane Bjerklie-Barry :classic_smile:

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