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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your recordings with us.
  2. Thank you for this helpful share.
  3. Ro H.

    Pema book.jpg

    Thank you, @Jo L, I've come across this recommendation at the right time.
  4. LIVE Q&A on Zoom with filmmaker Rob Beemer on June 4 at 7:00 PM eastern (4:00 pm pacific) > Register here < Additionally, the documentary is available online, at the same link. When you visit the page, there is an option to register for the Q&A separately, even if you do not choose to view/rent the documentary.
  5. For those of us who are living alone, I felt this was a welcome invitation to be in tune and comfortable with yourself as company. For those of us in a city, to welcome a new type of silence and stillness (without having to take a trip to a rural area to experience). I've been reenergized creatively because I've had a significant mental rest from noise pollution, social responsibilities, etc.
  6. I've recently started a gratitude journal - except I use a voice transcription app. I don't enjoy writing unnecessarily (due to wrist inflammation) so I avoided a traditional journal before now. But speaking out loud is actually soothing for me during isolation so I'm enjoying this new-to-me practice!
  7. @Mindfulness With Robyn thank you for this share! you've actually inspired me to do something similar since I've just come across a fresh pack of post-its in one of my junk drawers Like @Gillian Sanger I usually prefer online options, like Trello (I actually use Realtimeboard, a web based white board), but with all the benefits of online organization comes the downside -- my avoidance tendencies -- they're so easy to completely ignore or forget about. I think your post-it solution is exactly what I need to keep my focused on what I actually would like to accomplish short term. Congrats on knocking out those post-its each day, Robyn! I'm applauding you from California Absolutely! I didn't realize it (out of sight, out of mind) but just like @Mindfulness With Robyn I've been using this time to approach a list and as I started spring cleaning I realized I have several junk drawers! Actually, junk cabinets, too! It's a happy-accident though because I'm finding tons of unused art supplies and now is the perfect time to start putting them to use again to help me calm my mind (something I've been struggling with while I self isolate in a big city). @Paige PIlege have you found anything long forgotten that you might have use for again (like I did with my forgotten art supplies), or mostly things you'll let go? I'm noticing a lot of people are using this time to embrace minimalism, too - so I'm curious about your experience.
  8. I had Day 5 in my email archives (pasting below). I hope this helps! Day 5: Wishing Ourselves and Others Well Integrated Practice: When you see the next person you will interact with today, take a moment to say in your mind, "I wish for you to be happy" as you greet them. Repeat this as many times as you remember to do so today. Reflection Question: Q.) How did the practice of wishing others well impact your interactions? Q.) Did it shift your mood in any way? Did it impact the quality of your attention?
  9. Honestly I'm finding so much peace in the stillness in the normally chaotic city I live in. Spending a lot more time sitting in these new quiet moments, reflecting and trying to appreciate the small benefits the earth is getting during this time, vs worrying. Also spending more time connecting with family and friends (by phone and video)
  10. Completely agree. I allow myself to check the news once per day for the important updates I need to know, and I only check the official local and national sources. In the world of social media where the news is being flung towards you from every direction, it can definitely be difficult. Applauding you for taking a news fast. I came here today to find exactly this! Thank you so much, Gillian!
  11. Dedicated office spaces for quiet and reflection.
  12. Thanks for sharing this here, I would have totally missed it.
  13. Yes, actually! I had to make it extra difficult because I also wanted to take a train instead of driving. So I decided on Dunsmuir, CA. - mostly for the proximity to nature.
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