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  2. @SolSavvi | Linktree I am currently working on my virtual wellness offerings and creating a way to advise people on activating their inner physician by finding their own power to heal! I want to help others incorporate breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, sound therapy, reiki, essential oils, supplements and so much more into their daily routine - to prove we all have this inner power we were gifted and we just need to find it! Then, when life gets a little difficult.. or a lot difficult we can dig down deep and find the strength to press on! I plan to do local retreats in the states so that people dont have to travel far for a renewal of mind and body and spirit! This is just my linktree but Im working on a site! Please contact me with any questions! So good to be here!
  3. Hello, I am a licensed massage therapist who recently closed down my wellness spa after 11+ years of hard work - COVID was a challenge and I chose JOY - I had 7 employees and 3 therapists - I moved from Alabama to Florida with just my husband of 15years this june -where we live in our camper on 5 acres of land where we plan to build our dream home - I have taken up more of an advising role - i have been peoples go to for advice for many years and I am transitioning into it being a means of income - I feel I can help people activate their inner physician with finding their own power to heal - thru supplements, oils, plant medicine, meditation, prayer, nutrition, body movement, breath work, sound therapy and so much more! my dream is to be a virtual wellness advisor and work from anywhere and hold retreats in the states so that people can get away without having to go too far from home - especially now with such hard travel restrictions - Im attempting to just put myself out there! Im excited to have found this community and look forward to meeting other like minded individuals just hoping to make the world a little brighter while just LOVING! Feel free to message me or Follow me on IG @solsavvi311 Namaste..
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