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  2. Seldom do we recognise the strength required for survival. Seldom do we give ourselves credit for having won yet another battle. Seldom. It is then, at that very point, where others need to do it for you. When last have you patted another on the back and encouraged them? Even just a hug? DO NOT be selfish with your compassion - splash that shit all over the place - lavishly - cover them all with it! It will slash on you too!
  3. Subscribed to the CALM app. Has amongst others the binaural music by Moby. CALM has been an absolute boon. And by the way CALM stands for Campaign Against Living Miserably.
  4. This meme aptly illustrates the kernel of my mental health problems and challenges. Actions by others have rendered my sense of self worth null and void and after 5 decades living an unfulfilled life I've been given a second chance of learning what it means to have compassion for myself. To show myself a little kindness. To realise to I too deserve a happy life. The journey has been rocky and full of challenges. Still is. But each new day offers me a chance to grow and to conquer my demons. The journey has also 'forced' me to evaluate my treatment of those around me that share this journey we call life. I am far more aware of what I say.
  5. @Paige PIlege Well said! One of the first lessons I learnt after a failed attempt at taking my own life, was to be authentic. It's damn difficult, especially if you have been living your life in accordance with a script that was given to you by your parents and other figures of authority. Being your authentic self is the only way you can really fall in love with who you are and subsequently build pure relationships. Warts and all, as they say. But it is scary at first. When you have to first of all wipe the slate clean, and when you take up the quill to write those first words. It has become easier as confidence grows and as you also see the fruits of your labour. But nonetheless it is a ALWAYS a fragile process as you set off into the unknown. And you are going to make mistakes, the trick is to always make 'new mistakes'. Bless you for what you are doing for those kiddies. They do not know yet the far reaching effect your guidance will have, and also the pain and suffering your actions are sparing them from. But please do not neglect yourself in the process.
  6. I too echo what both @Vladimir and @Bluebabee has posted. Personally I have found forgiving others and also forgiving myself has become liberating. Setting myself free from the shackles of guilt and resentment. It's the inner peace that forgiveness brings that becomes the fertile soil of self improvement. That said, it's easier said than done. I've found that forgiveness is a willful decision that I have to make, sometimes against my own feelings of hurt. And more often than not, I have to repeat it several times. The heart eventually follows, at which point at least to me, liberation sets in. I therefore believe forgiveness to be a practice, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. It also helps to remember that those that transgress against us, have their own demons that they fight daily and in most cases are totally oblivious to their own actions not to the effect it has on us. Kindness is key here. Apply it liberally. LOL, I'm preaching to myself again!!!
  7. Any Forum peeps involved in mandala practices. Absolute novice here and would appreciate any advice and guidance.
  8. I've had to learn, and in many respects are still learning how to say NO. People pleasing has become part of my DNA over the last three decades. And it has left me drained and disappointed. Learning to place your own mental and physical health central is hard. Sometimes it feels as if one is selfish, but I am now learning that its not selfishness but self preservation. Saying 'NO' without guilt is becoming possible, and saying 'YES' without regret a pleasure.
  9. Compassion is key. Compassion for others, but most critically also for yourself. Love does win!

  10. Online known as Spag. live in Windsor, UK. Checkered history of mental illness. Mindfulness has been central to my recovery and ongoing wellness. I trust that not only will I benefit from being in this Community, but that in return I will also be able to contribute and that my story will encourage others.
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