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  1. Thank you for being a part of our community, Mimo! Do you have a website or links to your social media channels?

  2. I tend to be quiet, just in my own bubble and will go for a long drive. I also tend to pray and get my strength from God. I have a very close friend who has been with me through thick and thin she might be the only person I will let her in what I am going through but even this comes later not straight away when the emotion is still fresh.
  3. I would like to share with you that I have uploaded my first video of me talking about mindfulness on TikTok and that was a big step moving forward, it felt so good. I have posted about mindfulness on FB and Insta as well as TikTok previously but never a video of myself talking about it. Took a breath, set my intention and believed in myself. Mindfulness helped me achieve this.
  4. I found you by chance online. I am open to learning new things every day and if the learning is related to Mindfulness, then that is even better.
  5. Mimo

    Day 1/100

    I set my anchor, put my hand on my stomach and take the breath in by the nose and out by the mouth by repeating my anchor words. This helps me a lot while doing my morning and night routines.
  6. I still get very scared when I have to speak in front of people. No one knows that about me as I do not show it and I have my breathing session done before any event or training or even gatherings when meeting new people. I build up the courage inside me and do my self-talk but still feel the fear in my body every time. It takes me few minutes then I feel ok. Other than that, I am an open book and I have a small circle of friends, so they know everything about me. I started now uploading videos on TikTok but only images with music. I am still thinking on how and when I will get the courage to upload my own video. Not sure how long this will take
  7. I am energetic, love music, cooking, traveling and having fun. Born in the Middle East, Lived 18 years of my life in the Gulf, 11 years in USA and for a short time in Ireland. I have been practicing mindfulness since 2018. It took me 6 months to actually consider listening to any mindfulness advice or practice. I have been in the education field for over 19 years. I enjoy training students and staff on new innovative ideas. I worked with diversity of people throughout the years and exploring new cultures is very exciting for me. I enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching new skills. I am certified in Mindfulness Essentials and Fundamentals. I deliver training to small groups and enjoy doing that online and in person. I moved back to USA and would love to join like-minded group of people to enhance my learning and enjoy healthy body, mind and heart way of life. I love meeting new people and exchange life learning experiences. I set my daily intentions in the morning, start my day with a beginner's mindset, walk with gratitude and always remember to Pause, Breathe and Smile when I feel that I am overwhelmed.
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