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  2. Libras have always been my favorite sign I also find that mindfulness meditation brings a great deal of insight we wouldn't otherwise access, and can help us find direction in our lives :)
  3. I really like what you brought up - that balance between BEING and DOING - sometimes the "just be" instruction gets over-emphasized to the deficit of taking action, which isn't the point in my opinion, rather as you said, mindfulness needs to be practiced in such a way that it becomes a powerful tool not just for taking time out of our hectic busyness to pause, and just be with what's arising, which is a HUGE part of it, but also for taking skillful action, gaining clarity, focus, clearing out some of the chaos in the mind so that we have more power to put towards engaging in our lives in prod
  4. I love your insights into this Jo! I too find the prompt to locate and name a number of things occurring in the present moment, especially sensations within the body to be super helpful. I do it with myself often, and I'm always surprised how simple yet effective it is for coming back into the body and gaining a stronger sense of solidity. I also really appreciate how you say it's about increasing space between thoughts rather than attempting to distance from thoughts. I like how this emphasizes a slowing down of frantic, high-paced thoughts, (which no one is exempt from) rather than
  5. Hi, Yes! RAIN is a wonderful resource, especially for the current times. Another meditation that I like, which is in a similar vein, is called "Soften, Soothe, and Allow" by Kristin Neff, based on turning towards difficult emotions with in a kind, gentle, compassionate way. It's a great place to start getting a feel for self compassion and cultivating it, and I've found it really helpful in times of overwhelming emotional emergencies - I'm sure everyone knows a little something about those :) https://self-compassion.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/softensootheallow_cleaned.mp3
  6. well said. I'm exploring embodied mindfulness more and more through dance (ecstatic dance, gaga, feldenkrais, improv, etc.!) thank you for your valuable insights, I love reading your responses
  7. I think I mentally go down a rabbithole sometimes with things like witnessing the witnessing and overcomplicating it all. I also find myself thinking about mindfulness and questioning whether I'm being mindful in the moment and then of course that can keep me stuck in my thoughts too. I really resonate with mindfulness not being just internal - being mindful of the outside world, sort of like an outwardly turned mindfulness rather than turning our attention back into ourselves all of the time. I do find when trying to listen mindfully how often I am focused on my own thoughts, and
  8. I really love that question - whats true for me now? and then the practice being to honor that and respond from that place. I find that when I don't, it feels like betraying my inner integrity.
  9. "Whether grief is obvious or hidden, the way forward is through. We lean into the pain and allow grief’s wisdom to present itself. Grief is an elemental thing, beyond the control of our intellect and best left to find its course like water down a mountain. If we dam it, it gains energy until it becomes a destructive flood. Best to let it find its way. Opening to our grief opens us to pain. But it also opens us joy by freeing us from the deadening armor that’s accumulated around our hearts. Life’s preciousness emerges and we see the first crocus of spring breaking through the snow. We
  10. I like Kristin Neff's guided self compassion meditations - try starting with "Soften, Soothe, and Allow" (targeting strong emotions in the body) and let me know it goes for you! https://self-compassion.org/guided-self-compassion-meditations-mp3-2/
  11. I also have a hard time with anxiety in the morning - I think that "intense dread" is an accurate way of describing it. This has led to me going through periods of actually not getting out of bed and falling into a habit of sleeping through the day and even missing commitments. A few things I've had some success with, which I think is helpful to refer to as resources, and building up a "toolbox" of resources to draw from; Doing a few minutes of yoga - doesn't matter if I'm doing the poses correctly, just get the body moving Running in place for even just 30 seconds! Stand
  12. This is a great topic. I'm exploring how mindfulness can help with strengthening personal boundaries both physically/energetically and then with communicating them or acting in accordance with these boundaries (not disrespecting our own boundaries.) Awareness is of course a first step, noticing when our boundaries feel too weak or too strong (which is also an issue!) and what this feels like inside. I often find that I'm aware that my boundaries feel weak or non existent yet feel helpless to change that in the moment. I'm curious how, with mindfulness, we can take the next step to change the
  13. Thanks for your thoughtful reply! It was really valuable, and I agree completely with your comments about language used and the risk of re-traumatization, and language specifically is something that I'm interested in exploring and coming up with different language that can help with dis-association, dis-connection. I will definitely check out that book you referenced! A few related questions based on my own pitfalls with mindfulness, is about the ways in which mindfulness can cause division for some, both inner and outer - for example if one is watching or observing their thoughts
  14. I wasn't sure which category to post this in, and choose trauma since it relates to disassociation, which I know can be a pitfall of certain mindfulness teachings. I want to bring up the topic of how becoming a "passive observer" of one's life and oneself can lead to constant self-monitoring, disconnection and withdrawl, and the question of how to avoid this, mitigate this? Running a google search will bring up countless accounts of those who have been harmed by mindfulness (in my opinion, by the way mindfulness was presented to them) in serious ways, such as disassociation, depersonalization,
  15. Hi all! I'm tuning in from Tel Aviv and just started the teacher training program. Does anyone here have a website in which they offer mindfulness/meditation workshops/courses, etc. or just dedicated to mindfulness with resources? Would love to get some ideas! Thanks!
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