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  2. "Bittersweet" for sure. The first release was the most difficult, because it was a job I took and thought was my "dream job." I was so puzzled as to why it could not work for me and came to realized that I was out of alignment with my values. The remaining "BIG" releases came in gentle timing and I was quite willing and ready, even anticipating the Goodness that would flow from those releases. Letting go of the toughest one first worked for me, I felt myself in so much suffering and recognized I was choosing to suffer because I was not willing to let go. When I did, the breath of freedom that ensued was immediate; the grief quite palpable - I could feel them simultaneously and it was okay. I was amazed to notice every step and not bypass any of it. I credit that to my mindfulness practices. They supported me through major transitions and allowed me to peacefully experience letting it all go and allow each moment to be what it is. Focusing on the life and freedom in those moments. I am still moving slowly into 2020. Listening deeper. Allowing myself to be organically transformed by the things I love most (mindfulness practices, yoga, and conscious community). Financially, I am finding ways to use my resources creatively and feel Life supporting me.
  3. This is one I listen to and read. Quite an amazing work; beautifully crafted.
  4. My biggest lesson from 2019 was to really embrace the newness of each moment and dwell on the past moments less. 2019 was a very full year and so many challenges came and went. The important part of it all for me was learning how to release things that no longer served me, even BIG things. Afterward, I came to recognize that the big things were blocking my clarity and vision. As of this week, based on the newness of my current life responsibilities and the need for the changes, I've just started (As of today), to take an hourly break to breathe and let go and remain open. It feels wonderful. As I grow in my own mindfulness practice, it challenges me to do less and practice more.
  5. Thank you for this great question and encouragement to get involved in conversation. My values have changed over time. In the past, I valued things that were tangible - higher education and things that went along with that. My past values brought me great rewards in some ways and not my preferred outcomes in others. Those life lessons I now consider interest back to me, once learned. My values right now are focused completely on the quality of my life, self-care, family, nature, love and kindness, community, and healthy boundaries.
  6. Welcome, RBloomz.  So glad you can join us.  I have strange hours so I post all hours.  Be sure to check everything out.  There are some very good videos and audios as well as information.  Here to help always.  Blessings.  

  7. Hi. My name is Renay. I'm here to discover and allow the meditation teacher, student, life within me to unfold. I'm a yoga guide, attorney, meditation student, and Spritual Practitioner Intern with a spirtual community. I live in the southern US. Thank you for this space.
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