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  1. Day 8: Focused Attention. I find when I am able to remember to really focus on a conversation or interaction with someone I somehow automatically feel grateful for them. I feel wonder at what they are saying, really interested in what is said and the emotions around what is not said. I become a WHOLE listener so my responses are more accurate and reflect my deep understanding of the other person. It really deepens the connection I have with others and I find other people seek me out when they just want to be heard. Focused attention is a beautiful gift to practice!
  2. Day 5: wishing self and others well. I love this visualization of wishing others well. It made me smile. It was more difficult wishing myself well WHILE staying present in my body. I really wanted to think of myself as someone else I was wishing well. That sounds a little looloo but you know what I mean?
  3. Day 3 of 100. My challenge will be simply taking the time to DO IT! Making it a daily priority and eventually a healthy habit. I am always quite satisfied and feel accomplished when I finish. I am NOT a morning person but striving to start my day in this gentle way. Wish me luck.
  4. Day2: 3 Mindful Breaths. Today I appreciate the “prep” work of relaxing into your seat, easing tension, becoming more present BEFORE actually mindfully looking at your breath. I think this is the piece I have been neglecting when trying to meditate on my own. I would sit, close my eyes and immediately take a look at my breath. I quickly became agitated, uncomfortable and impatient then quit, thinking “Phrew! Got that out of the way...what’s next?” Today, my 3 breaths flowed easily and I found it fascinating to really notice what was happening, especially the transitions between inhaling and exhaling. Lovely.
  5. Slowing myself down to focus on a complete breath is so powerful to me. No matter what the situation or how rattled, stressed or out of control I feel this simple drawing in of my focus to the breath in my body anchors me. It leaves me feeling calm, focused and in control.
  6. Thank you for starting this topic! I had an email exchange with a colleague recently that quickly went south. I am so grateful for my mindful practice so I was able to recognize I was becoming impatient and annoyed and rolling my eyes as I read their response to my information. I had to pause and look back to the initial email and follow it to recognize I had made some assumptions that I should not have made early on. I was able to apologize for my error and ask more open ended questions so I could answer her question appropriately. That is easier to do in an email situation. But when in a meeting and things get hot it is really challenging for me to even recognize I am reacting emotionally when all I am doing is processing what to say next. I am working on using open ended questions "Tell me more about that" and "What would that look like to you" To give myself more time to process and to gather more information about where the other party is coming from. Definitely a work in progress for me!
  7. I am SO EXCITED to introduce mindfulness practices to teachers in the local school district I work for as a physical therapist! They are so very stressed with the demands of curriculum and student behaviors. I am looking for creative ideas to get teachers to “buy in” to the evidenced based mindfulness strategies without them feeling like this is ONE more thing they have to do.
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