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  1. I hope to communicate my gratitude for this challenge. It is effective. I would also like to thank those - I am sure many efforts went into producing and presenting this course - I thank you all!!
  2. I am loving it. I got off to a disorganized start but am flowing now. I also found a chakra tone meditation on youtube for a warm up (7 minutes), and then open the day's ME offering. I feel gratitude. It is a special treat that there are suggestions for taking each day's lesson into our communities.
  3. Thank you for the links, Gillian. I did not anticipate that it would be read. But I am optimistic that I am in the right place to simplify, focus, and become more authentically mindful
  4. QuestJan


  5. I have been dancing around meditation for 40 years or so. Finally things are lining up to motivate my commitment - so here I am. I would like to reduce or eliminate my need for hypotensive meds. I found an article about reducing blood pressure targeting a handful of behaviors including mindfulness. I then googled the approach, and apparently such programs are "in over 250 hospitals around the country". I have a handle on all behaviors (Na++, BMI, exercise, alcohol) but mindfulness*. Joining this community is an arm of my commitment to mindfulness. My goals are to reduce core stress reactivity and to improve sleep. I am - full disclosure to undergird my commitment - "autistic" with painful levels of ADHD for activities outside narrow interests, dysnosognosia, over-reactiveness to environmental stimulation including people, difficulty maintaining employment w/o alternate means of support, and a profound lack of social connections (limited to acquaintances). This site appears to have a wealth of resources to this end. Well, better get started.... *: (1) Awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations (2) Craving, particularly for determinants of BP such as overconsumption of palatable foods (3) The impact of bringing mindfulness to every moment, particularly in relation to BP determinants, recognizing that this present moment is influenced by prior moments as well as to bring non-judgmental attention to the longer term suffering associated with these activities. Through this process, participants are encouraged to reflect on whether behavioral choices provide more benefit or harm to their well-being, and to choose beneficial behaviors. (4) Self-compassion: as self-regulatory and self-awareness skills increase as a result of the mindfulness practices, the curriculum emphasizes that it is common for participants to start caring for themselves in kinder ways
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