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  1. I hope to communicate my gratitude for this challenge. It is effective. I would also like to thank those - I am sure many efforts went into producing and presenting this course - I thank you all!!
  2. I am loving it. I got off to a disorganized start but am flowing now. I also found a chakra tone meditation on youtube for a warm up (7 minutes), and then open the day's ME offering. I feel gratitude. It is a special treat that there are suggestions for taking each day's lesson into our communities.
  3. Thank you for the links, Gillian. I did not anticipate that it would be read. But I am optimistic that I am in the right place to simplify, focus, and become more authentically mindful
  4. QuestJan


  5. I have been dancing around meditation for 40 years or so. Finally things are lining up to motivate my commitment - so here I am. I would like to reduce or eliminate my need for hypotensive meds. I found an article about reducing blood pressure targeting a handful of behaviors including mindfulness. I then googled the approach, and apparently such programs are "in over 250 hospitals around the country". I have a handle on all behaviors (Na++, BMI, exercise, alcohol) but mindfulness*. Joining this community is an arm of my commitment to mindfulness. My goals are to reduce core stress r
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