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  1. @Jonathan I love your logo and colors! I also downloaded your e-book. Would you be open to some feedback off line regarding your website?
  2. In one of the daily emails from Sean there were several resources to scientific research regarding mindfulness and meditation. Perhaps he might be able to add that to this forum. I was unable to locate it to share.
  3. GalandaB


    I use the enneagram with my coaching clients. If they have a coaching package, it is part of the cost. I have the take the assessment to give me some insight into areas that they might want to explore and also to give them some insight into themselves as well.
  4. Yes, short practice during another yoga class and via online. My experiences have all been good. I am excited to begin to lead/record yoga nidra for family and friends. I will wait to get feedback from them before I start to use it in live classes. The interesting part is that during class the instructor commented that it is often incorrectly categorized as a meditation. I had never heard that before. I would not have made that assumption at all, but that's why we go to classes to learn different perspectives. I think the goals are the same in meditation and yoga nidra, but definitely not the same type of practice.
  5. Today in my mindfulness exercises email I received yoga nidra. Very timely as this weekend during my mindful yoga therapy training the topics are mindfulness, meditation and learning to lead yoga nidra? What are your experiences with either teaching or participating yoga nidra?
  6. GalandaB


  7. Hello all! I never really wanted to "be" anyone. I had a vivid imagination if my own. I can't think if anything I am afraid of either. A quirk (or maybe just OCD ) is that I am compelled to shut doors, cabinets and such before I leave the house. I also am compelled to pull up weeds...even when it is not at my house!
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