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  1. I really appreciate this discussion and have a difficult time not beating myself up. A great reason to be here. I have listened to Tara Brach talk about this but sometime I get so wrapped up. I have noticed that the episodes don't last nearly as long or come as frequently as they did during the traumatic time I have recently been through, but it still makes me feel some what self indulgent. I don't do anything destructive but I woller in the depressive mood. Coming out of that mood is what I have been working on and just think it is part of mourning the multiple losses I endured as it has only
  2. Hi, I just signed up for the 100 day challenge. I did a 30 day self imposed meditation challenge and completed it except for one day. I have had several missed days recently due to the holidays and being too busy, so I am hoping putting myself to the next level, I will stick more to it. I am not very mindful even with meditation, but I can really tell when I have not been focused on it. I know my family relationships are better and I am not quite so impulsive and emotionally off track. I do have to do it daily, no question about it!
  3. Hello, I am not sure what goes here but will just say I just joined, started my profile and will return. I have to strictly watch my schedule as I can be easily distracted without being mindful of how much time has passed. 😊

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