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  2. I am not giving up. I am trying to break all the chains. I am not a religious person only because the rules did not make sense to me. I am the process transformation and many breakthroughs happening. Your advice resonates with me so much. What it is about and how the energy, music, devotion is what helps and heal.
  3. I am grateful for this compassionate community on the internet.
  4. Gillian you are on the mark too! This is about meaning and conditioning. The scary idea about worshipping more than one God.. This is what I don’t understand. I really love the music of Deva Premal. Love the style...it resonates in my being...but..something catches me and makes me conflicted. Lol..why am I so complicated.. oh well.. just is right now. The answers keep coming in time. I’m also going to try to write my own but sounds that have meaning possibly without words in this dimension but mean everything to my soul.
  5. Thank you! Your insight is extremely helpful for me. I am a spiritual being that has felt somewhat trapped by conditioning. Somehow my idealistic nature sees a forest and not only a tree wants to capture TRUTH without limitations. So many spiritual teachers came through this world with so much good offered. Unfortunately guilt and fear (ego) got nurtured very young yet I want to breath light and God and embrace everything that feels right and healing. We all have our paths and I am learning slowly my identity that feels conflicted. I really like how you mentioned the word “meaning” ...that word is everything to me. It also inspired me to try to bring forth my own song of light. Something to create musically with meaning without voices of the past telling me what is right or wrong. I will explore as well the non specific mantras as you suggest too. Thank you!
  6. Excellent article and I want to check out her book. Thank you .
  7. That is terrible. I don’t understand why people are so mean and righteous. I am baptized Christian but also embrace everything good out there. The past conditioning is strong , I think it is great to have open curiosity. Everything good surely cannot be wrong. The strong voices of conditioning creates fear. For my quests I ask questions for knowledge not condemnation. I hope reiki, mindfulness, mantras etc. help me (which they do) along with it I tend to the conditioning I was raised. I am sorry that the haters are the ones that preach love and speak of let God judge but yet they are judging and striking out viciously. It is hypocritical?hmm
  8. Forgiveness is very complex for me. It is a constant journey. When I feel like I finally let go it reappears at some future point. The process is very long and I battle it internally rather than outward. It is not easy to forgive myself. Radical acceptance and self compassion must happen and it is a work in progress. .
  9. Hi,. I am really enjoying mantras and affirmations. The practice helps! I am Christian and I am confused about Sanskrit mantras. what is everyone’s thoughts on this?.. Not sure how to ask my question right now..but the universe and God knows... Gillian if this question not appropriate please delete...
  10. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you have peace
  11. Hi Gillian, thank you for your responses. I am close to my Mother who adopted me even though it has been difficult for both of us as unfortunately as a child from foster I did not attach/bond the way she had hoped for. However she IS my mom and we love each other very much. We got through a lot!
  12. I am very sensitive and feel like my heart was first broken permanently when my mother gave me up. Holes in my heart but I am very loving...my heart still works
  13. I have many growing pains that seem to be obstacles. The art of meditation I enjoy and can let it happen. I enjoy meditation and mindfulness in everyday. When struggles happen everything goes out the window. I have a habit tracker to help me for my excercise program. So I added mantras and meditation to my chart. My one mantra is “Don’t break the chain” as it takes at least from what I understand 21 days to make a habit. So if I miss a day this mantra brings me back to practice. Too many days..too many broken chains which makes it harder to return. ‘This month my Mom got diagnosed with cancer and she is 85. My sister has been battling cancer now for a few years. I have been battling existence and meaning. The last three years I have been in transformation. I turned 50 three years ago. I have cried too many tears for my family, myself, the earth . I have become very introverted homebody surrounded by my pets and music. My purpose is that I am a light worker and a healer. I can not control anything but I am a perfectionist too and one of my mantras is “Today I will accept what is” . Radical acceptance just is. My grieving and somedays with sometimes unending crying comes and goes along with my consistency. Then a new day happens and I start again...
  14. Thank you, look forward to this experience. Congratulations on you new additions!
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