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  1. Happy to find another community to support and strengthen my mindfulness practice. Clinical social worker here working both with children and adults, welcome sharing ideas, resources, and exercises.

  2. Originally from Queens, NY, school in Providence ,RI, moved to Hawaii for 4 years  now in Phoenix,  AZ since 2005.

    The mindful athlete and my spouse who is a licensed MFT and DBT certified sparks my interest in mindfulness.

  3. Hi everyone, I'm Wendy and I live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. I live with my husband and our beloved dog and cat family (3 dogs, 2 cats). We adore animals, nature and the great Aussie beaches. We love our meditations and mindfulness and I adore my QiGong practices. We love music and live a quiet life and follow a plant based lifestyle. I have a background in business and owned one of the first organic grocery stores in Australia in the 1970's/80's. I'm an accredited Tai Chi Instructor and Counsellor and ran my own Stress Management practice for over 20 years. I'm mostly retired now but have an online presence and blog @everydaygetsbetter.com I'm certified to teach Mindfulness through Sean's awesome Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. What a joy to be part of this wonderful forum! Thanks Sean 😀❤️

  4. Hello All,

    My name is Marilyn.   I am a Clinical Social Worker and a Mindfulness Coach.  Looking forward to conversations with you!

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