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  1. you reached 999 posts, are you going to ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness or what hahaha 😄

  2. Hi Jillian, I was concerned for the predicamente Sean found himself in. May I ask if he proceeded with the live stream and if so, how? 

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Yep, that is the last we have. So I am guessing the live stream did not happen (that's my interpretation anyway).

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  3. I'd like to let everyone know that I recently completed the Seans Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training program.

  4. Hello 

    I live in Ireland, and I am a Creative Kids Mindfulness Practitioner. I have only just qualified and running my first sessions. I am enjoying them as much as the children. I am also certified in Mindfulness Based CBT. I have practised mindfulness for many years. At the moment I am recovering from bacterial meningitis. I was in a coma for a week and was lucky to survive. I was in hospital for a month. That was four months ago. It was a very traumatic time. I also have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, and so I practice mindfulness now more than ever. I have managed to cut down on a lot of pain meds from a large amount, and that is all down to mindfulness. I am now doing a full mindfulness teacher training course. It will take me a while, but I know I will get there. I am a singer, songwriter and a music therapist. I retired from that after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, but I probably had a much longer career than a lot of people involved in music, so I am very grateful. I'm not very lucky when it comes to health, but I am coping and managing well. I meditate at least 3 times a day and do several informal practices during the day. I am looking forward to being a member here and meeting you all.



    Mindful Me.jpg

  5. Hi Jillian, I was concerned for the predicamente Sean found himself in. May I ask if he proceeded with the live stream and if so, how? 

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Hi @Daniel A. Detwiler, Thanks for your note and concern! I just read about it yesterday. Did you see this update from Sean? 


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  6. Hey Gillian, I really wanted to appreciate your kindness and the sincerity to help. 

    you truly have a heart of gold. Thank you ^_^

  7. About me: I am founder and CEO of True Synergy, Inc., a professional and organizational development company based in Los Angeles, CA.  We specialize in corporate culture, behavior and organizational change. We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary! Our motto is: We Make the Culture Match The Brand.®

    I have been on the spiritual path for 23 years and developing mindfulness has been a big part of my journey. I have finally come out of the shadows with my spiritual practices as my foundation, leveraging the methodologies of applied behavioral science, psychology and metaphysics, as well as and owning my divine feminine.  I have taken all of this and integrated them with my company culture, my coaching, training and consulting work to support my clients and my company's goals.  I get to co-create with my clients and become a trusted business advisor.  It is just the beginning! 

  8. Hi all,

    I am returning to work at the office next week after three months of working from home. I won't be able to post as much but will try to focus on a few forums.

    May you be healthy and safe!

    big boss running GIF by boy.betts

  9. Hello friends,

    I have been a bit swamped at work right now have not had a lot of mental space to participate in forums. I hope to return to regular posting soon.

    Kind Regards,


    busy cat GIF

  10. Good day everyone.  I am newly registered as a member of this site. Genuinely looking forward to connection and communication with others as we navigate the avenues and convoluted pathways of life .  In my travels and extensive life experiences now beyond 6 decades I marvel at the complexities and creativity of the Universe.  Each exciting opportunity and challenge has been but a brief interruption along this finite journey. Not to be approached as insurmountable or impossible to breach. I reminisce casually through the catalog of my mind upon the diversity of knowledge and hopefully wisdom gained through occupational experiences and the multitude of interpersonal relationships gathered as a lifetime composite.  I am looking forward to gaining more insights via this MINDFULNESS community and hope to share some entries and material from my Mindfulness Blog and Podcasts in the relatively near future. Carpe Diem.........

  11. Hello Everyone.

    Started the 100 Day Challenge and the 14 Day intro to mindfulness.

  12. Sharing this video to demonstrate the power of programs like Path to Freedom and others that bring mindfulness and other practices to prisoners. 

  13. Hi everyone. I'm very glad to share experiences in Mindfulness. This is a gift for everyone. I'm a corporate and Mindfulness Coach and my mission is to help and facilitate leaders to ispire the community to be authentic and be at the service of a deep and high purpose. I live in Italy, in the beautiful Verona.

  14. Greetings from Canada!

    I am an entrepreneur providing services that focus on empowering people, wherever they are in their journey!

    I am excited to digest the materials created by Sean Fargo and his team. Keen to bring another aspect to my own spiritual development and meditation practice, I look forward to ways to share this with my own community and clients.


    Margret, founder of Solutions

  15. Hello, Sat Nam, Greetings  - It's a joy to be navigating this time and space on planet earth With You! Thank you for BE-ing hear and now, as I humbling do my best to BE as well.  Blissings, Barbara


  16. The Untethered Soul by Michael. A. Singer is an incredible book that makes difficult topics easy to understand.  I loved this book.

  17. How do I download files on this site?

  18. Hello lovelies it is nice to be here. e

  19. Hi Everyone!  My name is Megan and I'm from Wisconsin.  I'm excited to be a part of this group!

  20. Hello everyone. I wrote something earlier, and well..... I don't exactly know where I posted it too lol. I'm from Northern Ontario Canada and excited to have found you


  21. Hello, I'm Alexandra and I am new to this group.  I recently received my certification to teach Mindful Meditations.  I have taught one intro workshop and this coming  week I will lead a Mindful Self Compassion Meditation.  This is stepping outside of my comfort zone and I am somewhat of an introvert.  Hope to learn from this group of likeminded people.  

  22. Hi, I am Mihaela and I am looking forward to learn or better say practice more about Mindfulness since I am trying this for few years. By the way I am living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania 

    Nice to meet you 🙂

  23. Hello dear ones! I am so excited  to be a part of this mindfulness supportive community. 

  24. Hi I’m Sheena. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right! 

    New to forum but practicing mindfulness for a few years and teaching it for the last 3. 

    Thank you for this beautiful connection ❤️

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