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  1. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your inquiry. This community is mindfulness-based, so we hope that what is shared is mindfulness related. Posts that sell products or services are not permitted and we also do not allow members to share links until they have established a strong presence in the community. You can read more about all of this and more on our About page - https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/about/

    Wishing you a mindful Monday!

  2. I see many different shapes and colours around me, including bright orange flames in the fireplace, sturdy green leaves of plants sitting by the window sill, the bright light that emanates from this screen. And so much more.

    I can feel the sweater against my skin, the firm metal and plastic beneath my hands (computer and keyboard), the weight of one leg crossed over the other.

    I can hear a whooshing sound most predominantly (a vacuum in the other room). If I close my eyes and listen closely, I can hear the sound of my breath.

    I can taste the remnants of lunch in my mouth, a taste that feels too difficult to describe.

    I am not sure what I can smell. The absence of any aroma, perhaps. Neutral.

  3. Hi @Terri444,

    Thank you for sharing where you are at (or where you were at on Friday). I hope you have been able to get lots of rest and nourishment over the weekend.

    Here's an article on the connection between mindfulness and sleep (with some highlighted exercises). It may be helpful: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/the-power-of-mindfulness-for-sleep/

    We've also had a lot of people share their own experience with sleep in this thread: 


  4. So nice to see some familiar faces here along with some new ones! Thank you all for sharing your intention for the year. I have a follow-up question, which you can answer here or simply reflect on for yourself if it feels right to you:

    What can I do today - let's say, in the next few hours - to experience, cultivate, or embody my intention for this year? 

    As I reflect on this question for myself, I am committing to an afternoon meditation practice (I'll go sit in about 30 minutes). I will begin my practice with a prayer - an intention to lean into life as it is. To let go of my desire to control. To simply be.

    cc: @Rick @ FinestCoaching @VBZivkovic @yogawithpriyanka @DavidGH @Daniel A. Detwiler @Lineo @tcdDan

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  5. In case you missed Sean's 5 mindful musings this week, here it is:

    enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness

    Hi All! 

    Here is your weekly dose of "5 Mindful Musings", a brief list of what's helping me live a more mindful life.

    What I Am Learning
    3 Embodiment Coaching Tools. This free training includes how to work with the body in simple, effective, safe ways that you can use with others. While I am not an "embodiment" coach, per se, I do find it extremely valuable to be able to help people navigate different energies and movements with care and integrity.

    Where I Will Teach Free Every Thursday
    YouTube Live. I will offer a free guided mindfulness meditation and live Q&A every Thursday at 9am PST. This is for anyone, regardless of your mindfulness or meditation background. I will not be selling or promoting anything. Feel free to come sit with me, recharge your body and refresh your mind. You can add this live event to your calendar here: https://evt.to/amseidesw

    What I Just Published
    How To Be Mindful Of Your Emotions.
    In this guide on how to be mindful of your emotions, we will explore:
    - What Mindfulness of Emotions Is and Is Not
    - How to Practice Mindfulness of Emotions
    - Frequently Asked Questions
    - 6 Mindfulness Exercises for Emotions 

    What I Am Watching
    "Nowness". From the director: Recording artist whisperer and all-around wizened sage Rick Rubin contemplates life and art on the stunning cliffs outside his Malibu residence in this short film by Alison Chernick. The mogul ruminates on living in harmony with nature, the importance of recreating its perfection in art, and the transcendental power of sound before leading us into a guided meditation, a practice he has followed since becoming fascinated with yogis as a teenager. His trademark beard, untouched since he was 23 years old, pays clear homage to their spiritual influence. 

    A Poem I Love
    Just ask the donkey in me
    To speak to the donkey in you,

    When I have so many other beautiful animals
    And brilliant colored birds inside
    That are longing to say something wonderful
    And exciting to your heart?

    Let's open all the locked doors upon our eyes
    That keep us from knowing the Intelligence
    That begets love
    And a more lively and satisfying conversation
    With the Friend.

    Let's turn loose our golden falcons
    So that they can meet in the sky
    Where our spirits belong--
    Necking like two
    Hot kids.

    Let's hold hands and get drunk near the sun
    And sing sweet songs to God
    Until He joins us with a few notes
    From his own sublime lute and drum.

    If you have a better idea
    Of how to pass a lonely night
    After your glands may have performed
    All their little magic
    Then speak up sweethearts, speak up,
    For Hafiz and all the world will listen.

    Why just bring your donkey to me
    Asking for stale hay
    And a boring conference with the idiot
    In regards to this precious matter--
    Such a precious matter as love,

    When I have so many other divine animals
    And brilliant colored birds inside
    That are all longing
    To so sweetly

    ― Hafez, The Gift

    For more free mindfulness trainings, visit:
    - our website
    - our YouTube Channel
    - my new Spotify album

    Thank you for your mindfulness.

    Wishing you safety, health, happiness and ease, 


    Sean Fargo
    - Founder, Mindfulness Exercises


    - Former Buddhist Monk of 2 Years
    - Instructor for the mindfulness program developed at Google
    - Lead teacher for The Mindfulness Teacher Training Program
  6. Though there are many shared driving factors for why we as humans turn to mindfulness practice, we also have unique interests, backgrounds, and motivations. Take your time to consider your 'why' of mindfulness practice. Then, choose your top 2 or 3 responses to the question:

    What are your top reasons for practicing mindfulness?

    If I have not listed your top reason, share your reflections in the comments below. What is your 'why' for practicing?

  7. I have heard a lot of people recently expressing a desire to create a new daily habit but struggling with actually doing it. These conversations I am having with people feel timely as we just had Giovanni Dienstmann join the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program for a workshop on mindful self-discipline.

    Members of the training program have access to the full recording, but everyone else can still view select highlights on YouTube. If you want to create a daily habit (or commit more fully to the one you've got), you might enjoy some of the following clips:

    Trying to develop a daily habit? Start small 

    What is mindful self-discpline?

    Spirituality and the pursuit of worldly goals

    The masculine and feminine aspects of self-discipline

    If you watch any of these, share your reflections with us here or in the YouTube comments.

  8. Welcome @domi421 and @Lineo! I'm Gillian - the community moderator. It's great to have you here and I look forward to connecting further. 

    I explore a range of meditation practices - including many mindfulness-based techniques (including breath awareness, body scan, and open awareness) and also visualization and mantra practices (though mantras less often these days).

  9. Hi Narmadha,

    Thank you for sharing your doubts/reflections. For me, the purpose of Just Like Me is about setting aside the thoughts, personality, and surface details of the person I am focusing on in this practice. So it is not about changing the other person's mind about something or even behaviour. It is about changing how we relate to or perceive this person and trying to connect with who they are at their core. Does this make sense?

  10. Hi Nelly! Welcome to our community. It is wonderful to have you here.

    What type of yoga and meditation to you practice/teach? I am also a trained yoga teacher, in hatha yoga, but I focus more on meditation and self discovery now.

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