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  1. So wonderful to hear all of this! Thank you for sharing.
  2. Thank you for your sentiments Daniel. I highlighted this line as I completely resonate with this statement. All of it makes me consider that perhaps bridging the divide is indeed just about unconditionally loving at times, rather than diving into the nitty gritty details of things. Indeed, there are times when we need to face things head on, but I think there are also times that we just need to let things be. Knowing the difference, as you mentioned, is the challenging part. I think we each need to follow our inner compass on this matter while remaining open to difficult conversations when they need to occur.
  3. For those interested in the capacity for mindfulness to help bridge divides, I just came across this really interesting article: https://theconversation.com/its-not-stress-thats-killing-us-its-hate-maybe-mindfulness-can-help-171335 It explores how theoretically, if we understand mindfulness to be about awareness AND acceptance, it should lead to less intolerance and divisiveness. However, in the research put forth by the writers of this piece, they note that awareness and acceptance are often treated as independent processes, and that: "people who reported greater awareness reported lower acceptance and vice versa." The studies also found that participants who reported greater acceptance were simultaneously reporting less engagement with difficult issues. It seems to me that it is crucial for us to engage in difficult issues if we are going to better understand and overcome them. Another part of this article I connect with is this paragraph: "Acceptance doesn’t mean that we have to passively accept whatever cards we are dealt. It means confronting our discomfort long enough to explore what needs to be changed and being malleable enough to consider vantage points we typically ignore. Reducing stress by avoiding difficult conversations is a short-term solution that only further polarizes perspectives." Anyways, if you have a look at the article and want to share your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.
  4. This all sounds wonderful Jolanda! And it is my pleasure to support If you have any questions about the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program offered through Mindfulness Exercises, let me know. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Gillian
  5. Beautiful reflections Patti! I really think there are so many ways to positively impact the world and that we all have our own gifts and methods for doing so. And certainly as we become more aware, we influence others in the same way. I really notice the shift in discussions with my boyfriend (especially tense ones) when I am able to take a breath, take responsibility for my contributions, and mindfully communicate as best I can. Not always easy, but it is a valuable practice Much gratitude to you as well! Thank you for sharing here. I'm so happy you joined our community.
  6. This poll asks: What self-care practices support you when you're feeling stressed or anxious? Choose 1-4 options that support you the most. If you use another self-care/mindfulness/meditation technique when you are stressed or anxious, let us know in the comments below.
  7. Hi everyone, In case you missed it, here are Sean's most recent mindful musings: enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness Hi All! Here is your weekly dose of "5 Mindful Musings", a brief list of what's helping me live a more mindful life. What I Am Reading The Wisdom of Trauma Companion Booklet. The free booklet complements my favorite documentary in years, The Wisdom of Trauma, which follows Dr. Gabor Mate's work with trauma, addiction and healing. The booklet highlights the definition of trauma, its symptoms, kinds of trauma, healing modalities, and more. A highly recommended synopsis that dispels myths and clarifies practical paths forward. (*Dr. Gabor Mate will speak live with our Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program today from 1-4pm PST. You can learn more here.) What I Am Excited About My Next Online Mindfulness Retreat. The last one went so well that I am offering another one from December 3-5. I invite you to sit with me that Friday through Sunday as we explore the depths of mindfulness in our lives. Each session is live, optional and will be recorded for you to watch anytime. What I Am Watching Tom Petty: Somewhere You Feel Free - The Making of Wildflowers. This documentary is a beautiful look into Tom Petty's personal and professional transition into the great wide open, apart from family and the Heartbreakers... It's a wonderful look into his creative process, along with commentary from one of the great music producers of our time, Rick Rubin. What I Am Happy To Share Our New Affiliate Program. Earn 30% commissions off of every referral you make to our paid mindfulness resources and trainings. Just register, share your custom links, and automatically receive commissions each month. It's a win-win-win, for you, me and the world. A Quote I Love Let's work together towards a more inclusive world and a trauma-informed society where: • We recognize the prevalence of trauma among all of us • We learn to notice and feel the trauma symptoms in ourselves • We acknowledge that whenever there is a reaction, there is an old wound • We understand the imprint of trauma on our behaviors and its impact on our relationships • We recognize the pain in others and understand how that pain might be driving their behavior • We see the real person underneath the behavior and the trauma • We support connection and compassion as the foundations of safety • We know that the experience of safety is the beginning of healing • We understand that all trauma is intergenerational - Gabor Mate For more free mindfulness trainings, please visit our YouTube channel. Thank you for your mindfulness. Wishing you safety, health, happiness and ease, http://mindfulnessexercises.imgus11.com/public/559db4a0e82734e0f7184ada257149ab.png Sean Fargo - Founder, Mindfulness Exercises - Former Buddhist Monk of 2 Years - Instructor for the mindfulness program developed at Google - Lead teacher for The Mindfulness Teacher Training Program
  8. Hey everyone, I wanted to link to a new blog post on Mindfulness Exercises and to also start a conversation around how mindfulness can help to change the world. Here's the blog post: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/how-mindfulness-can-change-the-world/ I have a strong sense that sustainable external change is fuelled by mindful inner change. As we become more mindful, we start to recognize our own biases, work through our conditioned and limiting beliefs, and become more effective agents of loving change in the world. As a specific example, I can see how mindfulness shifts the way I relate to my partner - how I communicate with him and how able I am to take self-responsibility. And I believe that how we interact in our personal relationships sends a further ripple into the world. Mindfulness also shifts the way that I consume and the things that I consume (everything from food to clothes to generally reducing consumption). I'd love to know what you think. In what ways do you see mindfulness changing the world around you?
  9. This week's question asks: What words of support can you offer yourself right now? Take a moment of pause to consider what words of love, compassion, and support you most need to hear right now - words that you can offer directly to yourself. What words would you offer?
  10. Hello Patti! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I am sorry to hear of your health struggles. I am also very glad you have found support through Mindfulness Exercises and are turning your attention towards self-care - mindset included. It can be very difficult (especially during the times we are in), but every step we take counts. Feel free to jump in on any other community conversation that speaks to you. With gratitude, Gillian
  11. Hey @danyang123. Thank you for sharing your experience. I guess you are referring to the 4-7-8? I would say to listen to your body and to experiment as you feel intuitively called to. If the breath hold feels like too much, you could lower the count, either just a little bit or significantly. It is most important to honour your own needs rather than try to stick with something that doesn't feel supportive for you. I hope this helps
  12. Hi Brandi, Welcome to the community, and thanks for the questions. I would say to begin wherever you feel naturally drawn (which I acknowledge doesn't necessarily mean it'll be easy). However, explore the various different practices and teachers within mindfulness and/or meditation, and see what feels most resonant for you now. For instance, you might find that a certain teacher really speaks to you, or maybe a specific type of practice (i.e. self-compassion, breath-based work, etc.). You can find a ton of resources here - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/ Let us know if you feel drawn to anything in particular and we can offer some more specific suggestions.
  13. Welcome Olivier! I agree with your sentiments that developing our inner world through practices like mindfulness will help to create a more beautiful future. Great to have you here. Feel free to share any questions or insights you have wherever in the forum you feel drawn.
  14. A warm welcome to the community Jolanda! It's lovely to have you here. Have you begun teaching yet or are you still in the contemplation phase? Either way, you might find some helpful resources here - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/blog/ - There are many blog posts on teaching mindfulness. Also, feel free to jump in on any other conversation in the forum that speaks to you. I'd love to hear more about your insights, experience, and questions. With gratitude, Gillian
  15. What a beautiful reflection on your practice! Lovely imagery - thank you for sharing. Let us know how the rest of the challenge goes.
  16. Welcome Fannita! It's nice to have you here. What draws you to the community?
  17. Hi Patricia, I am so sorry to hear that you have been struggling with depression. A warm welcome to our community. I hope you find it a supportive space. Wishing you well on this Wednesday, Gillian
  18. Hi Raymond, Welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing your experience with meditation thus far. Sitting for 20 minutes is wonderful - and yes,, the mind will wander for a good majority of that time, especially to begin with Feel free to share any comments or questions wherever you feel drawn to in this forum.
  19. Welcome to the forum Jack! What do you know about meditation thus far?
  20. This week's question asks: What makes you feel alive? This question comes from a list of 20 mindful questions to ponder. You might start by considering, "What does it mean to me to feel alive?" Then think about any moments or activities that help you to feel this aliveness. For me, some of the times when I feel most alive are when I am dancing, swimming/treading water in a lake, and stargazing. In fact, there was a moment the other day when I was dancing in my spare room with the lights off, lit only by candles, and I experienced an immense sense of presence and beauty and magic - pure aliveness. It was so alive that it brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.
  21. Hi @Jelena! Welcome to our community. It's lovely to have you hear and I look forward to reading more of your insights and reflections as you move through the challenge. What is your experience with mindfulness like? Do you have any favourite practices or is there something you'd like to practice more/learn more about? With gratitude, Gillian
  22. Hey @Bradman, Thank you for sharing this observation! What a great thing to become mindful of. I am familiar with that, and another example that comes to mind is when you speak to someone on the phone (i.e. a prospective employer calling about an interview) and then you meet in person (i.e. during the interview) and for one reason or another, the person is not who you imagine. In addressing or exploring this, the first word that comes to mind is curiosity. These assumptions we have are completely subconscious. In fact, I think most of us would have a hard time articulating why we drew the image that we did from just hearing a voice. I think a good way forward would be to continue noticing the images/ideas drawn when you speak with someone on the phone or hear a recording of someone's voice. Notice what your mind is conjuring, consider what might be leading to these images/ideas, and then compassionately and curiously observe what happens when you see or meet this person.
  23. Hey David, I personally find that mindfulness of breathing is a good place to start, but some people might prefer body-based practices, loving-kindness meditations, or other forms of practice as an entry point. It depends on what you feel naturally drawn to, but here are some exercises/resources worth exploring. Notice what speaks to you and start with that. Let us know how it goes Mindful breathing intro (incl. 6 exercises) - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/6-mindful-breathing-exercises/ The power of loving kindness and practices for cultivating it - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/the-power-of-loving-kindness-how-to-cultivate-it/ A body scan meditation with Sean Fargo - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/downloads/body-scan/
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