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  1. Here are Sean's 5 mindful musings for the week: enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness
  2. Lovely reflections as always Rachel. I am glad this question brought you relief. For myself, I feel called to tune into the earth - just to ground myself. We talked about the root chakra recently, and I still feel a strong call and need to reconnect with this grounding element. The past couple of weeks have been a bit challenging for me; my mind is more active than usual (which is saying something because it is usually quite active ). Today I am going to a pottery workshop (class 6 out of 8). I have found this craft to be hugely beneficial for my state of mind. When I am working wi
  3. @helenea - No need to apologize for rambling! That's what the forum is here for. And these are certainly challenging times. We are here to support! @Cookie - Very cool! Do you have any interest still in flying? @Feelgoodfloozie - Ah yes, how our desires change I also wanted to be a grown up when I was a child. I remember asking my parents if I could watch 'real people movies' instead of animations.
  4. Hi Helenea! Thank you for sharing here Do you still practice TM? I've been curious, but I really don't know much about it.
  5. Hi @Emmy! So sorry for the delay. I am not sure how I missed this! First, sharing services with the community is fine in moderation. We just ask that it's not over the top and that the focus remains on connecting and supporting. We have a thread dedicated specifically to sharing personal links, but you are also welcome to make a post about something you are offering in a category where it fits naturally (here, in fact, as we are discussing it). As for my women's circles, they are new for me. I have facilitated workshops and led classes before, but something was calling me to hold sp
  6. This week's question asks: What is calling for your attention this week? Take a moment to tune in, asking yourself: 'What is calling for my attention this week?' Listen quietly, noticing if different aspects of your life are yearning for your non-judgmental, compassionate attention. Perhaps your mental health, your physical body, a certain relationship, or the quiet whispers of your soul are asking you to tune into them. Share what you discover with us.
  7. A little update on my relationship to social media (a relationship I have been struggling with for some time): After years of taking breaks from Facebook (deactivating my account for anywhere from one to three months at a time), I made the decision to delete my account permanently. I felt anxious about it at first, with concerns arising in my mind about belonging, connection, and relevance. However, as soon as I decided to do it, I felt a wave of relief wash over me (and I haven't once questioned my decision in the four days or so that its been since I decided to delete my account).
  8. Hi @LHA, Thank you for sharing your experience. Have you practiced any mindfulness techniques yet to ease the mind and/or to send it your loving kindness?
  9. Thank you for sharing Rick! This is a reminder of just how powerful nature's cycles can be. I hope you are doing well and have your heating restored!
  10. Thank you for the beautiful reflections James and Rachel. Coming back to nature is perhaps the most expansive practice for me. Depending upon what I tune into while out in nature (or depending on what the season is), there are infinite lessons to be learned. Today, as I look out my window, I am very aware of the impermanence of all things. Mild winter temperatures have arrived in Stockholm, which means the thick blanket of snow that once was is now seeping into the earth as water, preparing for spring. Nature today reminds me that all things come and go, stirring up a bittersweet feeling
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed the clip Daniel! Chris Germer was a guest a few weeks ago for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program. If you stay tuned, more highlights from the session will be shared on YouTube. The full playlist will be here (where there is one more video already posted).
  12. For those interested in the topic of mindfulness of death, you might like to check out this new ME blog on the subject: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/how-to-practice-mindfulness-of-death-and-why-its-important/
  13. This week's question asks: What wisdom can you find in the natural world around you? Take a look out your window, or better yet, take a long walk outside. What lessons can you find there? What wisdom wants to be transmitted to you? For this question, it might be easier to consider, "What does this tree what to tell me? What does the wind want to tell me?" Tune into the natural world as you inquire about what wisdom is held there.
  14. Here is another resource on self-compassion, one that looks at the difference between mindfulness and self-compassion (from a workshop led by Chris Germer).
  15. Absolutely beautiful Rachel! I love the imagery of the North Star and how you came back to it at the end to remind us that it is always there. I felt very moved by your words. As Daniel said, they were powerful and authentic to read, deeply human and true. Reading the words 'Pay attention to the ground beneath you' reminded me of words of wisdom someone recently gave to me, which was just to come back to the root chakra. Lately I have felt caught up in the upper chakras and this reminder to come back to the Earth was wonderfully grounding. Thank you for reinforcing that message.
  16. Hi @Mindful Entity! Welcome to the community. It is great to have you here, and that is a great question. I also believe that by not accepting our thoughts, we end up with the opposite of what we hope for. Our thoughts and feelings cannot be denied or ignored; rather, they have to be integrated in some kind of compassionate, constructive way. Have you heard of the book Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach? She explores this idea of accepting everything that we experience. For a glimpse into this topic, you can check out this talk by Brach or this short article on what radical acceptance
  17. Welcome @aartiprimalani! Thank you for sharing I am not a singer, but I do love music and creating playlists as well. What type of music do you sing and listen to?
  18. Hi @James Karrel! Nice to hear from you. It's been a while. I am so glad to hear you felt connected after reading the mindful musings. I have a strong sense that so many of us feel disconnected right now, not quite sure where we belong or how. So it is lovely to have a community like this one to remind us that we're not in this alone. Keep us posted on how your practice goes!
  19. Yes I love it as well! It is deeply penetrating. I am a big fan of David Whyte's writing.
  20. Reflect on the question: If you could add a few sentences to your last disagreement with someone you love, what would you add? Choose as many of the listed options that resonate with you. If there is something else you would say, share in the comments section.
  21. Hello everyone! Here are Sean's 5 mindful musings for the week: enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness
  22. Oooh of course! I can't believe I forgot to add nature sounds to the list. Thanks for mentioning it. My partner has an alarm clock with nature sounds programmed into it. There's one that sounds like an open meadow with chirping crickets. It's one of my favourites.
  23. That's great! Are you doing an 8-week course or something else?
  24. Welcome @Ashley! It's wonderful to have you here. How long have you been practicing mindfulness and what are your favourite teachers or techniques? If you'd like to, jump in on any of the other conversations in the forum that speak to you. Our 'Question of the Week' category is often a nice place to start.
  25. Hi Joy! I've just sent you a message here in the community with day 2. Wishing you well!
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