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  1. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be away for the next two weeks on personal retreat. If you have any urgent community concerns or questions between now and June 21st, please reach out to support directly. You can find their contact details here: https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/about/

    1. Rick @ FinestCoaching

      Rick @ FinestCoaching

      I got your back, Gillian!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful reflections Mary and Faune, and for the podcast recommendation Rachel! I am posting this in a status update as well, but as I am here, I want to mention that I am leaving this morning for Italy on a two-week personal retreat. I may touch base towards the end of the second week, but if I am quiet over these weeks, that is why Enjoy your next couple of weeks and I will reconnect soon!
  3. Here are Sean's 5 mindful musings for the week in case you missed them. enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness
  4. This week's question asks: What is present in your body today? Take a moment to settle into a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and take a few grounding breaths. Once settled, draw your awareness to your physical body. What do you observe? Share anything that you notice, remaining curious and compassionate towards your experience.
  5. Hi Billy, Welcome to the forum! I explore a variety of different practices, from mindful breathing to open awareness to mantra repetition. Here is a link that offers a few free resources for beginners. Let me know if any of this is helpful! https://mindfulnessexercises.com/8-mindfulness-exercises-for-beginners/
  6. Beautiful. Thank you Rachel. Your sharing of that passage prompted me to remember a related poem that I love. It is one of my favourites (Sean shared it in one of his weekly musings). It is 'The House of Belonging' by David Whyte, which ends with: There is no house like the house of belonging. https://onbeing.org/poetry/the-house-of-belonging/
  7. Home to me is a sense of belonging. I can feel at home in my body. I can feel at home in a place. I can feel at home on this earth. I can feel at home when with certain people. Home provides a sense of warmth, love, and acceptance. It is a trusting place - a feeling of being at one with what is.
  8. Hey Rick, Thanks for sharing. I haven't watched this by I listened to a podcast featuring Tristan Harris - and also watched a documentary he is in called The Social Dilemma. Have you seen it? He talks a lot about how these companies are fighting over our attention (and isn't that what mindfulness is all about?!) I'm very grateful for his work!
  9. Hello Peter! Lovely to read your introduction. Welcome to the community Laughter yoga is something I have never tried, but I love the idea of it. My experience with laughter: To be honest, I haven't thought too much about it in terms of my relationship to it. However, what comes to mind now is what often happens during active breathwork sessions I partake in here in Stockholm. The sessions are quite intense, and many emotions are released throughout the room. Often, laughter breaks out, which is contagious, rippling through the group. It's freeing indeed.
  10. This week's question asks: What does 'home' mean to you? Share any thoughts and reflections about home. Where do you feel 'at home'? What does it feel to be 'at home'? How would you describe 'home'?
  11. Oooh thank you for sharing all of these @Rachel. I'm happy to have this list as reference for later. A book cover that someone shared via Instagram recently that intrigued my interest is: Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Somé. I'm adding it to my booklist.
  12. Ah yes, I recognize that in myself as well - particularly when I feel bored. I think boredom is my primary trigger for less-than-mindful eating. Thank you for sharing. I can also resonate with these mini 'aha' moments. One that I had recently was the recognition that I often try to put myself into a neat box, like 'I am this kind of person' or 'I am like that'. However, it dawned on me that I am really multi-dimensional, and any label I might give myself may be true in one moment, but it is not representative of my totality. I like that you followed this awareness with a question. I
  13. Wonderful to hear! Yes, I always feel so grateful for the woods near to me.
  14. Hello community, I came across this topic while scanning the forum again and wanted to share an article that I wrote last year for The Gottman Institute. I have been reflecting a lot about the increasing polarization of our times, a challenge that I feel is exacerbated by increased time spent online and less in-person conversation. I often wonder, "How would a conversation shift if it was taken offline and brought into a phone conversation or face-to-face interaction?" In the latter, there is an increased chance to reconnect with our shared humanity. For more thoughts about hard conv
  15. A bit late to post this, but if you missed Sean's 5 mindful musings of last week, here they are: enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness
  16. Lovely reflections, Faune. Yes, I think that is the beauty about living in one place for many, many seasons. You start to notice things in a new way. It certainly helps to create a sense of intimacy with one's environment. Thanks for sharing. It's always a pleasure to read your nature reflections.
  17. Hello @HeyLydi, @Martin, and @P.O.M Wonderful to have you in the community! Thank you for your introductions. I'm Gillian - the community moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. In the meantime, I'd love to hear any of your insights, thoughts, or reflections in other corners of the community forum. If you'd like to jump in, you might consider: Our current Question of the Week Book list of 2021: What are you currently reading? Wishing you well! Gillian
  18. Hello everyone! I wanted to share something that I've noticed these past few weeks, which is that without even trying, I have become far more perceptive to the natural world around me. Most years, I notice when the trees begin to bud and bloom - but this year, I have been incredibly observant of the subtle changes and of the many different shapes that nature takes. Rather than noticing 'the flowers', I am seeing all the different structures, tones, and timings. Rather than noticing the birds awakening, I am noticing their many shapes, colours, and sizes. Has anyone else noticed themselves beco
  19. I have found that this spring, I am far more perceptive of the different forms of life coming into bloom. It is happening without me trying. I simply find myself more curious about the many different shapes that nature takes. This, for instance, was a blossom that struck me. I may have seen it before, but this was the first time REALLY seeing it. I have identified it (with the help of Google) as golden elm tree. Correct me if my identification is inaccurate.
  20. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. As a child and teenager myself, I wasn't too aware of sensations within my body. It's only now as an adult that I've come to pay attention to these things in a mindful way. It is wonderful that many students nowadays are getting introduced to these subtle forms of awareness at a young age.
  21. Hey Rick, They are two separate links, one geared specifically towards teaching mindfulness to children and the other for students more generally. I do not see a blog post yet for teaching mindfulness to teens, but if one comes up, I will send it your way
  22. Hi @Beth F, Welcome to the community! It is wonderful to have you and I am happy to hear about the work you are doing. What types of practices are you planning to share with your students? I would love to hear more. I also thought I'd share these two new blog posts from the Mindfulness Exercises website. I'd be curious to know if any of this resonates with you, supports you, etc. 7 Mindfulness Practices to Share With Students 8 Resources to Help You Teach Mindfulness to Children Oh, and I'm Gillian by the way - the community moderator. If you have any questions, r
  23. To add to this self-compassion resources section, I'd like to share a new article on the Mindfulness Exercises blog: 8 Self-Compassion Exercises to Enhance the Relationship You Have With Yourself. https://mindfulnessexercises.com/8-self-compassion-exercises-to-enhance-the-relationship-you-have-with-yourself/ Let me know what you think about the post - and if you have any other techniques of self-compassion you'd like to add.
  24. This week's question asks: What is something that you've learned about yourself recently? Have you had any 'aha' moments of self-awareness recently? If so, share what you discovered. This flash of insight might have come during meditation, during a conversation with someone else, or at any other moment of any regular day.
  25. What is everyone reading these days? Or, what is on your to-read list? In some ways, it would seem winter is the best time for reading - but, as we enter into spring, I find myself wanting to cozy up in half sun-half shade with a good book in my hands. Here's a few items on my book list for 2021: -Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg (COMPLETED) -The Journey of Soul Initiation by Bill Plotkin (IN-PROGRESS) -If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie (IN-PROGRESS) -Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (TO READ) -Coming to Peace by Isa Gucciardi (TO READ) What's on
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