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  1. Hi Gillian,  During an interview of Rupert Spira, Depak Chopra mentioned the Advaita Vedenta on which Rupert's work is based. I found a 6 part series on you tube explaining those concepts. After the first one, I could understand the basic concept that Rupert is using and the mode of teaching he uses. The Swami, an older American man, said that the self inquiry is the method of learning recommended by the ":Rishies" either the people who wrote these ideas or the writtem ideas themselves, who or which developed these ideas. The Swami is a plain spoken man and I found it fairly easy to follow him. I suspect he will outline more about the relationship between the divine self as he calls it, and the individual person. It is both similar to and different from some Buddhist ideas. I am going to watch them all. Daniel

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Thank you Daniel! Is that the most recent interview? I started listening but just got through the beginning. I will keep my ear out for that series when I get back to it. Many thanks 🙂

    2. Daniel A. Detwiler

      Daniel A. Detwiler

      Hi Gillian,I  The series was videoed six years ago. The title is "Discovering the Source of Happiness" produced by Arsha Bodha Center in Somerset, NJ. The Swami is Tadatmananda. I really loved this presentation. Bottom line for me, I think I understand the overall concept. Consciousness exists before all. Consciousness created all that is including the natural laws, matter and energy as well as space and time. For me the next part is critical:  there is no reason given for this creation. For an independent thinker that is really a bummer. However, I do like the explanation for the existence of all we experience in the material world. Everything is made of consciousness. The Swami explains that just like we dream, from our consiousness and to us it is real, Consciousness begets us as part of itself. I think it means we are all in the dream of consciousness. And,  as consciousness created us it will destroy us and restsart the cyclical process over and over again.  That is my take on this. It is disconcerting in one sense and oddly, reassuring to me in another. It appears consciousness dreamed us to have free will and make our own decisions and have our own awarenesses; that is just part of what it created us to have. So, we are free until the "Big End". We are supposed to be happy to learn this and to feel loved by consciousness. Sometimes that feels okay; sometimes it feels like we are a science experiment.  In college in the 60's my psychology professor quoted Sir James Jeans(sp?) who said "in the final analysis, were are all just an idea in the mind of God". He was a physicist. I think that is pretty close to what the Advaita Vedanta and its modern interpreter, Rupert Spira are saying. Daniel

    3. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Thank you for sharing this Daniel. I really resonate with your words, "It is disconcerting in one sense and oddly, reassuring to me in another." The mind and ego resists but something deeper rejoices. I will look this series up. Thank you. 😊

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