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  1. This week's question asks: What is your heart asking you for today? Take a moment to sit quietly in a safe and comfortable space, to close your eyes gently, and to ground your attention in the heart space - both the physical and energetic heart. Get curious: if your heart were to ask you for something in this moment, on this day, what might it ask you for?
  2. For those interested in the connection between mindfulness, spirituality, and climate change (and the environmental crises we face more broadly speaking), you may be interested in this talk by Joanna Macy. Her name keeps cropping up in things that I come across, but I haven't read any of her work yet. That said, I feel really connected to her words here. She speaks about acknowledging our grief about the state of the world, mistaking ourselves to be separate from the world, feeling gratitude for being alive, and much more. I also love, love, love the poem she recites by Rainer Maria Rilke (starting at 08:30). Curious to hear your thoughts and reflections if you have a listen:
  3. Lovely reflection! Yes, mindful listening is such a beautiful thing to practice and to get better at. That's a great example of the less 'formal' mindfulness practices that impact the world.
  4. It is so interesting you bring up Gaia TV as this seems to be floating around my awareness recently. I may subscribe! Also, if you haven't yet seen it in the teacher training area, Dr. Rick Hanson (who wrote Neurodharma) held two workshops for the program. He dives into some of the neuroscience in these trainings. You can find them in the Workshops area: https://teach.mindfulnessexercises.com/workshops/
  5. Today's affirmation for me is: I am enough. This moment is enough.
  6. Hi Margaret! Welcome to the community. I'm Gillian - community moderator and part of Sean's support team. Are you registered for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program with Sean? I found a couple of links to mindful movement resources/teachings that may be of interest to you: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/movement-meditation-worksheet/ https://mindfulnessexercises.com/mindful-movement-guided-exercises/ And of course if you're with Sean's program, you have lesson 10 in the workbook
  7. Wonderful to hear you've joined the teacher training program, Jill! I moderate this community and also support with the teacher training course. The 100-day challenge is a wonderful way to explore different practices and to also include a variety of meditations in your meditation log. If you have any questions about the program or certification process, reach out at any time
  8. Hi Jill! Welcome to the community. I'm Gillian - the community moderator. Let me know if you have any questions about this platform. What does your personal mindfulness practice entail? Are there any practices or mindfulness-related topics you're interested in learning more about?
  9. It sounds like you have a varied practice, Erin, which is great! I find it really helpful to include a variety of different types of meditations/exercises, such as those you've listed here: breathing, gratitude, compassion. I'm also glad to hear that you are keeping your eyes open during breathing as you've found that to be supportive for you.
  10. That is wonderful, Erin! Thank you for sharing.
  11. Hey everyone! Just a quick note for anyone who sees this and wants to meditate with me today: I will be leading a meditation called 'Permission to Pause' followed by Q&A in about 50 minutes. That's 9am Pacific. You can join me here: https://www.youtube.com/c/Mindfulnessexercisesfree/live
  12. Absolutely, Erin. Thanks for sharing. I find my mornings change a lot with the seasons, and I also welcome different practices into my mornings dependent upon what feels like it would best serve me that day.
  13. I stumbled upon this thread that's now about a year old (time flies!) and then remembered there was a blog posted on Mindfulness Exercises that is relevant to this question. It's called 'How Mindfulness Can Change the World'. If you have a read, let me know what you think. It notes how mindfulness can increase self and external awareness, increase empathy and compassion, increase collaboration, and much more: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/how-mindfulness-can-change-the-world/ I really believe our personal mindfulness practice has an energetic impact on the world around us. We are just a microcosm of the macrocosm. What happens in us, happens in the world. And so with this in mind, our personal practice can't NOT impact the collective.
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