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  1. Hello all! I am drawing attention to this poll once again (it was originally posted a year ago). I think it offers a wonderful pause for reflection. Add your response as you please
  2. Hello to all in this thread and to those joining in! It's been a while since I've heard from some of you here. Are you well during these times? I just wanted to share a new blog post I've just seen is up on Mindfulness Exercises. It's related to anxiety so I thought it would be fitting to share here: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/8-facts-about-anxiety-and-their-mindful-solutions/
  3. Thank you for sharing @joanahopkins! These past 11 days I have been in quarantining (mandatory 14 days upon entering Canada). I am grateful to have outdoor space to enjoy, but not being permitted to walk through nature has been difficult. I am finding balance between stillness and movement these days by stretching, dancing, and practicing yoga asana.
  4. This is wonderful to hear @maureen bojko! What day are you on now?
  5. Hello Joanna! Wonderful to connect with you here. I'm Gillian - the community moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Is there anything you are interested in learning more about or any resources you are looking for?
  6. Hello @Melanie from Canada! I'm Gillian - the community moderator - and I am also from Canada! I'm in Toronto at the moment, though I now live in Stockholm. Nice to meet you here! That's wonderful you are able to reach your group despite the restrictions of covid. Zoom and related tech has really helped to navigate accessibility concerns. I am also a big fan of yoga in pajamas!
  7. I'm happy to hear that Ali! It is truly a pleasure and a gift to read about your journey that you share with such openness and honesty.
  8. Hi Ali! Wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for this update and for sharing all these insights you have uncovered in these last few days. First thing I want to say - I love the Hermione/Harry image! I actually just watched this movie the other day You bring up so many really great points and insights. The one that stands out to me the most is the power and beauty of softening the expectations we set for ourselves. Often, we think that 'healing' or 'mindfulness' means not having any of those emotions or feelings we deem to be negative, but this just isn't the case. I think it is so important to be able to bring compassion and patience to ourselves no matter what we are experiencing. And, paring that with wisdom is a wonderful practice as well! It's also very touching to hear the story you've shared about your conversation with your sister. So often we share our opinions when what another person really wants is simply to be seen and heard. I'm definitely guilty of this myself! It's beautiful to hear you were mindful of this during your interaction with her and were able to shift gears. Congrats on this new milestone and I look forward to your next update!
  9. That sounds so beautiful Priyanka! It must be so nice to have lots of space and nature around you
  10. Thanks to all for your answers! Paul, you bring up a really important point which is that, in different ways, we embody and express different seasons at the same time. Perhaps in one area of life, we feel the blossoming of spring and summer... and yet in another, we can feel still, contemplative, and inward-oriented. The seasons for me also change rapidly. I haven't read too much about it yet, but I know that the female menstrual cycle can be broken down into different energies and seasons that affects us accordingly. So that is something I am always working with as well!
  11. Thanks Paul! Yes, perspective is a great one. It is easy to become so wrapped up in single lenses, but when we expand out, we often realize that there is so much more to the picture. One thing I am trying to be more mindful of now is putting my energy towards the things I DO want to see in the world, rather than fighting against what I DON'T want. Perhaps this is an oversimplification of things, but I do think that (at least for myself) it's a really important shift to make. And yes, the long arc of history. Just thinking about this makes me exhale more completely with a sigh...
  12. For all the mindfulness and meditation teachers here, I am curious: how are you reaching people during these times? Are you still teaching in-person or are you using apps, online courses, or video conferencing? If you have any tips for how to share our work online (such as specific apps, course building websites, etc.) I'd love to learn more.
  13. enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness Hi All! Here is your weekly dose of "5 Mindful Musings", a brief list of what's helping me live a more mindful life. What I Am Excited About My video interview with Sharon Salzberg. We discussed how to be compassionate without burning out, how to soften our self-judgment, the healing practice of equanimity, why anger is important for creating change, and why it's ok to feel what we feel... And I give her a special surprise near the end. Mindfulness Exercises I Just Shared Freely I just published this new article to support your mindfulness: - Will Mindfulness Help My Anxiety? A Podcast I Am Inspired By My Healing Journey After Childhood Abuse, by Tim Ferriss. For those of you wondering how mindfulness and meditation can help heal trauma, this podcast audio and list of written resources is for you. Tim shares his story of uncovering old traumatic wounds during a mindfulness retreat with Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and how Jack helped guide him to healing. Highly recommended. Something I Am Curious About Tripp. This virtual reality app (that pairs with Oculus) claims that it will help you be more mindful "to stay healthy inside and out". I am curious to learn more, and I'm generally skeptical of introducing visual-based technology to aid our ability to sense into our actual embodied experience. Thoughts? Two Statements That I Often Repeat 1. Mindfulness is not brainfulness. The mind and the brain are not the same thing. 2. Mindfulness is not about relaxation. It's about noticing our actual moment-to-moment experience without judging it. As always, please feel free to share your feedback in our Mindfulness Community Forums. Which musing above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Just add a post to the forum and let me know! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for exclusive, free mindfulness trainings. Wishing you well, Sean Fargo Founder, Mindfulness Exercises "Sean is a wonderful teacher, well practiced in the teachings of mindfulness and compassion, dedicated and thoughtful." - Jack Kornfield P.S. - We're now offering 3 Levels of Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training! Level 1: Training (Courses + Classes + Community) Level 2: Certification (Internationally Accredited) Level 3: Curriculum (Brandable, Professional) To learn more, visit our Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program: Teach.MindfulnessExercises.com
  14. The question I am responding to is what season describes me and my life.  At age 73 I wo uld say Autumn.  That season is often warm, sunny and filled with blue skies. The leaves which turn color here in Illinois are always beautiful. They have an earthy smell when piled up and a nice curnch when you walk on them. Later, the month grows colder. There are days which darken sooner and things turn colder towards winter. Indoor activities heighten with warm good, cider and mulled wine shared with friends. My life is in the stage of Autumn. I have plenty of good and warm relationships. Walking in the park on warm days is wonderful. I watch my grandson play flag football and marvel at his coordination and his height which surpasses mine. My granddaughter and her girl scout Troop is readying for the annual Scare Crow contest during the pumpkin fest at the arboretum.  Her dancing classes yield a more lovely and strong young woman. They are my harvest. As Khalil Gibran says " they live in the house of the future which you can't visit even in your dreams". They will reach it however, and carry me in their hearts with them. My spiritual growth continues. After growing up Christian their is room in my life for the Buddha, his ethics and practices which enhance my understanding of Christianity. Mindfulness helps me recognize that my energy is part of the vast existence of Consciousness which is known in loving presence. I lived a life of helping others. I didn't do things perfectly but I did things mostly well. While my wife and I have a lot to liive for and to experience I feel some increasing readiness for peace and I mean the final peace. When my time is over, I suspect I will welcome whatever happens or doesn't afterward. Daniel

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      Gillian Sanger

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      This was such a beautiful and touching reflection. Thank you so much for this. Do you mind if I repost this in the thread on seasons?

  15. Wonderful Leanne! When you begin the Teacher Training Program, let me know if you need any help navigating the resources
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