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  1. Lovely to hear from you Daniel. Thank you for sharing all of this. I am very glad to hear that loving kindness practice has been of great support for you - and withdrawing from the news a bit more. I have stepped away from Instagram for half a year as a way of supporting my wellbeing and reconnecting with inner peace (easier some days than others). I long for deep, honest, open-minded conversation, something that Instagram just does not have the capacity to provide. I'm grateful for connections with new people who I can be my authentic self with and with whom to share those rich dialogues that I long for - those that truly nourish me and remind me I'm supported and connected. The weight of the world is indeed a lot to carry. I feel it, too. I am sending loving prayers your way, Daniel.
  2. Welcome to the community @REV DR GERALD J OLSESKI! Thank you for sharing a bit about your experience/background. What types of meditation do you practice or have taken courses on?
  3. Hi Rick, Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly here. I am so sorry to hear of all of your losses, and the grief that comes along with those. Discovering Francis Weller's work through this video has been very helpful for me. He puts words to things that I have felt but never been able to articulate so well. Hygiene of the soul... yes, a beautiful phrase. As you pointed to, many people talk about taking care of the brain or the body or even the emotional body, but our soul needs are often left unattended. I wish you lots of self-care and support during this time Rick - and I am very glad you are finding meditations that offer what you need.
  4. I've recently become aware that there is a subtle yet pervasive hum of anxiety within me these days and weeks. Something in me feels unsettled and it is proving difficult to find that sense of inner ease. One thing, however, that has been immensely helpful for me recently is cultivating community - coming together with others who are open-hearted and open-minded, sharing thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged. Societal waters feel choppy these days and I am very grateful for all friends new and old who have helped me to anchor myself during these times. How is everyone else doing these days? What has been helping you to ground yourself... to anchor... if you've also been feeling uneasy?
  5. This week's question asks: What advice would you give to the 'you' of five years ago? If you could go back five years in time and offer yourself any words of advice or wisdom, what words would those be? Take your time to sit with this question, considering what would be most supportive to this younger version of you.
  6. Hi @Donp, Welcome to the community! I'm very glad to hear you found the mindfulness retreat beneficial. What draws you to this online forum? Are there specific topics or practices you'd like to learn more about? Feel free to also jump in on any other forum topic as you feel called to
  7. Hi Dany, Welcome to the community! Thanks for the introduction. What types of meditations have you begun with?
  8. Thanks for sharing Narmadha! I have seen a similar comment shared before - that respond and reflection are the more difficult parts.
  9. Hi Nancy! I saw your reflection on day 2 of the challenge... Did you get it in time for your morning practice?
  10. Welcome to the community! And thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. What sort of mindfulness practices have you explored thus far? Have you found any that are particularly helpful for you?
  11. Hi Nancy! I see you've begun the 100-day mindfulness challenge. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your reflection on day 1. I look forward to reading whatever you wish to share as you continue with the challenge.
  12. Thank you for sharing Nish. When I think about those I admire, the first words that come to mind are authenticity, wisdom, and courage. As I reflect on what I admire about myself... courage comes to mind for sure... resilience... and insight.
  13. Congrats on the article being published! Thank you for sharing.
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