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  1. I realized that we have a coronavirus-related forum on how we can mindfully manage challenging thoughts and feelings arising at this time... but that what we don't yet have is a place to share our general feelings. So, this forum is for that. Whether you're feeling high or low or somewhere in-between with all that's going on, feel free to share it with us here. I'll be checking in often here and would love to discuss whatever is moving through you.
  2. I mentioned in another post that I have lately felt a call to embrace chanting and kirtan. For me, this feels like a call from my heart to move deeper into it. When I chant, the thinking mind slips away; I surrender what is 'rational', what makes 'sense', as I come into the particular mantra I am repeating. So in this way, I feel that at the moment I am being called to 1) come back into my heart in a deeper way (I've also been practicing loving kindness) and 2) to surrender the thinking mind a little bit more - to come back into my body.
  3. This week's question asks: In what ways do you sense you are being called to grow or evolve? There is a big shift happening in our human collective at this moment. With this in mind - and with any other life factors that are present for you - in what ways are you being called to grow, to evolve, or to explore a new way of being?
  4. Thank you for sharing @luma - This is a really great reminder that we are all experiencing this crisis in different ways. Some of us have more time, some of us less - and all for a range of reasons. I do hope you get to have that self-retreat at some point in the near future
  5. Does anyone find peace in kirtan and chanting? Have you practiced it or are you unfamiliar with it? When I completed by 200-hour yoga teacher training at an ashram in Guatemala, we chanted daily and had a weekly cacao kirtan. Since then, my interest in this practice has wavered (disappearing all together for periods of time), but I've found it growing again in the past month or so. Something in me feels deeply called to making this a part of my daily practice. Does anyone feel the same... or have any questions about kirtan/chanting? I'm not an expert but would love to discuss.
  6. Has anyone considered creating a self-guided home meditation retreat? This sounds like a really nourishing idea, especially during these difficult times: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/a-mindful-guide-for-a-home-meditation-retreat/
  7. Oh! And I thought I'd share this - A Mindful Guide for a Home Meditation Retreat. What a great way to self care during these times. I'm going to have a look at my schedule to see where this will fit in.
  8. Hi Linda! It's wonderful to have you here - and thank you for what you've shared with us so far! I hope you find plenty of resources to support your practice. Feel free to jump in on any conversation that you feel called to. I check in here every couple of days and would love to discuss whatever arises here in the forum
  9. I really think this is a wonderful opportunity for reflection as you mentioned. It feels as if we are all being called to settle down and to tune in with greater care and intent.
  10. These are wonderful practices @Linda Smith. Thank you for sharing! The technology bit I really resonate with. I have to admit, I've been less mindful of my technology usage in early mornings and evenings lately. But this inspires me to set some boundaries around my phone usage at those key times during the day. So thank you for the reminder!
  11. That's wonderful @Alshattuck40! Yes, I think the 'settling in' part is really important - just taking a few moments for open awareness, easing down, softening the body, etc. And as per your previous note: I also find such power in the breath. Lately, my meditation practice has been more... fluid, I guess I'd say. However, the other morning I set the intention to exclusively watch the breath - no mantras, no focusing on any other part of the body. And it was a wonderfully grounding and centred session.
  12. Hello @Mafalda! Just wanted to reach out as I remembered you mentioned here that you work to bring mindfulness to corporate settings. If you're interested in sharing your insights, experience, or thoughts, we've set up a new forum category and thread dedicated to the topic: Hope all is well!
  13. Hey @Alshattuck40 & @Mike Goins - Just to let you know we've added a section in the forum specifically for discussing teaching mindfulness in education. If you'd like to share anything there at some point, that would be great
  14. Welcome @Intuitive ARMY! Thank you for introducing yourself Where did you study restorative yoga? I'm a Hatha yoga teacher and am considering studying either yin or restorative to deepen both my personal and professional practice. I'd love to hear more about your insights and experiences, so feel free to scan the forum threads and share wherever you feel called to. Have a wonderful day!
  15. Who amongst us has taught within the school systems, whether to students or teachers? What ages did you teach and how did you effectively share your understandings and practice? Share whatever this experience is or was like for you. And, if you have any questions about teaching mindfulness within the education system, share those as well and hopefully we can support one another in learning more.
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