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  1. Love this MIss Dee! Children are such a gift! My grandson and son make me feel more alive and also my husband. Having wonderful memories of my other family members also make me feel alive with awesome Blessings!
  2. Yes, I am so happy with this exercise and I feel, especially after being ill this week. Finding things that make me happy in my mind and gratitude just really help me with positivity and light! Breathing, Happy, Appreciation!
  3. Thank you Judith! So grateful for the breath! It is such an amazing thing to be able to breathe, as I have found out with being ill. It is a beautiful thing!
  4. Hi Gillian! Thank you so much for this. I have been finding winter to be almost like a blanket for me to rest and seek shelter. My husband was tested positive for covid on Saturday and then I was on Tuesday. I was thinking of all the things that upset me and with my birthday coming on Saturday, Dec 18, and then I just started meditating and focused on gratitude! I was so thankful that we could stay home in being quarantined and not be in the hospital. We had anitbodies given to us at the hospital and then sent home with wonderful instructions, and someone calling every day to check on us. We are not on respirators, and I even have been dancing slowly in between sleeping. lol I have a shopper that is delivering our food, and his boss gave him vacation pay with him not being able to work until next week. The winter is like a new breath of snow and light coming upon us to realize how Blessed we really are! I hope you are doing well! You are wonderful Gillian! Thank you!
  5. This has really made me feel even more appreciation and gratitude for grocery workers, and service workers, and things that some don't have, like a computer, or even an apartment. I am truly grateful and blessed.
  6. This is a great meditation to realize when I am upset at someone that hurts my feelings, that they are just like me with different feelings, but they have problems too just like I do. It has really made me spread more loving kindness to them and they hurt too but in different ways.
  7. Thank you so much Nancy for sharing your thoughts. It is helping me also!!
  8. Thank you Narmadha! You sound wonderful and I would like to pursue self compassion also. I think it is so importan in our journy with love and acceptance.
  9. And thank YOU Gillian for your wonderful support! You are an amazing person and I appreciate you with all my heart!!!
  10. I would miss my family also. Family is important to me and I love the feelings they bring to my mind. Very grateful!
  11. The more I do the meditations for the 100 day challenge, I feel more grateful everyday. It really helps to focus on gratitude and loving kindness to myself and to others. It is an amazing feeling and wonderful win!! Thank you!!!
  12. Hi mommie! I found the loving kindness meditation is so helpful. It helps me forgive myself and others if I have been hurt by them. It is a game changer!
  13. That's great Oliver! I am feeling good with that also!!
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