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  1. Hello @Danyang123, thank you for sharing this! I hope you can find (some) releaf in the teaching of mindfulness. I think yes, more practice could help. I know noices can be irritating, and making tired and angry. I have ringing in my ears, very sharp... but have also lived in an environment with irritating noices. It can make you sick. I still hear the ringing in the ears, they are always there, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes both. I don't think they will leave, but when busy or concentrating on other things I do not hear them. In exploring mindfulness I discovered that the sounds we react on, are giving us a feeling and an emotion and which we don't like, and we have thoughts about them and these are making it even worse. It feels like they pile up. I think there are ways to work on and with them, in Mindfulness. The irritation is inside of us, and when confronted with them daily is not easy to sooth these feelings/emotions/thoughts. But if something can help than it is mindfulness, but it needs practice and openess, for understanding and acceptation will come! I moved to a farm and there are other noices that I like, like early in the morning waking up (04.00 am) by the crowing of the rooster :-), he is letting us know that there is light. Or the windmill (which is not a real giant, but a lovely windmill) whistling very high while it is spinning very fast, knowing it is giving us energy. I hope you can find ways to work with them! Wish you well, Jolanda
  2. Yes, this video on compassion is giving insights in the interchangeble feeling of acceptation. Thank you for pointing this out, Gillian!
  3. Great, thank you Gillian!! I will look at it! Also thanks for your reaction on the forum. I hope to share and interact more!! wish you well, Jolanda
  4. Hi Gillian, and others who read this Today was my first mindfulness teaching via Zoom. There were five people today, and there are a vew who maybe will join in the future. I have taken with me the script of teaching: story, teach, tool ( I have a question here, is nr 3 really the same as nr 2? ). The people were known with my silence meditation and are willing to join and support me in this course. I started with half an hour 'working with Zoom', to let them learn how the microphone was working and the chatroom. Then at the right time we did the silent meditation for ten minutes. Then as point of story, I gave everyone a word from the angelcards, to think about and when they wanted they could say something about it. After that I needed to explain Mindfulness: I needed to comfort them with the method, first explaining that it all is an exploration, and when not at ease, allowing oneself to do what is feeling better (like breathing in own pace, sitting in a way they want to sit etc.) and getting them aware of the breath, and being open, but totally in charge, and I told also that when I asked them to hold the breath for 5 minutes, they didn't need to do that... , and when they got light-headed, that this was not to be afraid of, but when one is feeling not comfortable then one can choose to breath somewhat deeper in, and slowly letting go of the breath, wherafter breath will come from itself. I told that it was ok to breath anytime just how they want to breath themselves. Then I let them practice a little while with breathing in and out a few times, just following the breath and then holding breath for 5 seconds in, breathing out for 5 seconds... explaining one can use these tools for meditation, as one can use body-awareness... par example the toes... Then I felt, they were ready for it and I did the short body-scan, but from toes till the head, because I had named the toes, and I did it by heart, feeling in myself where to go to... about ten minutes... Afterwards I asked them if they were willing to share how it was for them, they could do this in the group or through email to me. They all felt great, and loved it. I told them if they were willing to help me in the course with advice and tips, and that critical notes are very welcome. This was my first shared Guided meditation session! I like it when you or others have advice or tips or critical notes as well! And to share: I like online more than in person, because I have the idea, they are more concentrated, and when needed I can mute them, and unmute one after the other. It makes the listening towards each other much better! Eventually sharing some text, some sound or music, is also very easy! And like to read other's stories! Thank you so far very, very much, Jolanda
  5. Jolanda


  6. Share a little more about yourself and let us know something that most people don't know about you. For instance... What did your childhood self yearn to be when he/she/they grew up? I was very young, born in a christian family, but at that time I was allowed to follow the serie 'Kung Fu', with David Carradine, this has had an enourmous impact then, but stayed with me until I was 40. In between I was depressed and got divorced. I started learning massage and natural healthcare. In 2003 I encountered meditation. From that moment on there was an ongoing journey... everything was related to finding and keeping peace within myself. When was the last time you laughed until you cried? This has been a long time ago... What was your biggest mistake turned lesson? I do not believe in mistakes, but I see that every 'mistake' does turn into a lesson, when we can be aware of it. We only need the rememberance to reflect on the 'mistakes'. What are you afraid of, big or small? I am afraid of the dentist. What unique quirks do you have? I really do not know, I need to think about that ... What is my believe and purpose for this life: I think everything is fixed, and already good as it is. This is very difficult to accept when one has troubles, disease or looking at war etc. But, my idea, the practice is to observe and to come to the compassion in the heart. All situations are exercises. Because I believe all has a purpose, death has it purpose too. I am not afraid of death anymore. It is my purpose to learn to accept all people, bringing love to my heart. As the Quan Yin, every person is a messenger, a teacher, and I am grateful to meet ...
  7. Thank you Gillian! And a lovely weekend for you too! Jolanda
  8. Hi Gillian, Thank you for your warm welcome! Great to be here! I guide a meditationgroup of elderly people. It is my wish to show the people how there thoughts are in control, managing there feelings and emotions. I make use of different tools, but would love to learn guided meditations and guiding with mindfulnessmeditations. I will look further at the blog posts, and hope to start the teacher training next month. Thank you for being part of the Adminstrators: I have done online Demystifying-Mindfulness from University Leiden through Coursera, as a mentor. It is really great to help and support others on their way. With gratitude, Jolanda
  9. Hello all, My name is Jolanda, I am from the Netherlands. I am 60 years now, and since 2005 developing in spirituality, Tai Chi, meditation and music, and since 2014 teaching Tai Chi and Meditation. I am Daoist, if one can say so, in spiritual sense, and I practice 'observation and reflection'. It is my wish to learn guiding meditation and mindfulness, and hope to support others! And I am very happy to be here! Maybe we will meet online, maybe in daily life! I wish everyone a great journey! Jolanda
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