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  1. Today is the second time I do the Just Like me meditation. I did it few days ago as part of the Fundamental class. I felt this time i was maybe less into it as many things are turning in my head. But I still found it very helpful. As there are some some tension between our team, i think this is a meditation I could bring to the team and see how it could releive the tension. I need to translate it in CHinese first and see how I could read it
  2. thanks a lot @Gillian, I will have a look at it ans let you know how it goes.
  3. I love the body scan. I love to feel the energy flow over my body. I found its the easiest meditation for now , its really the one i can focus the most withouth my mind flying to much around...just some short fly . It always feels great.
  4. Today was my 5th day in a row. First time i do 5 days meditation without stopping. I feel very relax, i csan really remove all tentions in my body but still today it was not an eqsy one for me . I can give kindness to others, i can see their smile and laugh and can wish then happiness, and this give me happiness, But I have hard time to focus on me and give myself love and wish me all those good things. Im not use to that. Im sure its good, but i might need more practive onthis to unlock something. I will keep going .
  5. Hello, I'm Olivier ,50 years old french Guy living China and in Asia since 20 years now. I came to meditation quite lately. Maybe I started the discovery just 2 or 3 years ago. Tried differentsystem to approach it but I was not regular enough. But with the small progress I did i got more and more convinced that no good solution frothe future can be found ifwe dont start by ourself and that keys tomany of the problem we are facing are in the development of a more mindful world. I'm very excited to join this community andimreally decided to progress and help others to join the mindfulness movement Love Olivier
  6. Day one is starting here. And it feels really good. For sure my brain went here nad there for this forst one, but its normal. I can hear the kids in the back ground. But my mind came back naturally to my breath and the sensation of breath. And discover even a new sensation. Usally when i do th ebreathing exercice i use to have more feeling in my chest and shoulders, but today i felt it in my head like if a flower was blloming inside. im not sur how to descrive , but it was great Feels really good
  7. Actually its my post before i register
  8. Olivier


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