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  1. The closest thing to a retreat that I can claim is going on my backpacking trips, which are always solo. Hiking in the wilderness and mountains ALWAYS requires mindfulness of every moment... trip/fall hazards abound (just ask my knee and wrist, ow..) as well as the risk of wandering off trail.
  2. DIane, you're my hero! As a kid, I wanted to hike the AT. Now (at 48), I've hiked the Approach Trail, and Springer Mountain to Gooch Gap Sections. Imma finish the rest of Georgia by end of September 22.
  3. Howdy, folks! I’m new here (obviously). I’m just starting to get into mindfulness – my biggest problem so far is staying awake during meditations. Sigh. At any rate, I’m 48 (49 in February); have four kids, but all are grown ~ only one remains at home. My life revolves around work (I’m a litigation secretary), the Church, and backpacking. I am also working on becoming a certified DDPY instructor (a yoga-based cardio/PT hybrid workout designed by pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page)… so I’m pretty insanely busy all the time. (Hence my problem of falling asleep during meditations, LOL!) Glad to be here!
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