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  1. Mindfulness has given me balance and equanimity, and the ability to respond instead of reacting. It helped me open my heart more and become more compassionate and kind. I am a calmer person and more aware of my thoughts and emotions with regular mindfulness practice.
  2. Hello My name is Assaad Mounzer, I am a retired Urologist who experienced burnout. I got certified as a life coach and an MLP mindfulness teacher, to help physicians and professionals who are experiencing the negative effects of stress, regain their enthusiasm, and build resilience, so they can get to a point of personal fulfillment and inner peace. I live in Mooresville, NC, and I facilitate workshops on mindfulness, as well as conduct retreats on wellness and personal growth. I have also weekly courses for 8 weeks on the Foundations of mindfulness and the four keys: Attention and Intention, Wisdom, Values and the Open Heart. Of course I would love to be part of a group of mindfulness teachers, to get support, feedback, and spread the word about the beneficial effects of mindfulness on our mental and emotional balance. Thanks to all of you for the great work you are doing, bringing loving and peace to our world..
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