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  1. hi - have been trying the 678 breath on and off ..... but im not sure i find the breath hold very relaxing
  2. thanks Gillian .... giving this a first try ...cheers DY
  3. hi Maria. thanks for the reply... and welcome too cheers dany
  4. hi Gillian, thanks .....mainly breath focus for a short time .... was trying to do the 'focus on light' style but couldnt get that one ...also attempting to be mindful while doing day to day things ....that is tricky also cheers dany ...plus also doing some body scanning
  5. hi, im ambidextrous ...self tought when i was a kid ....so can write equally poorly with both hands!
  6. hi all, fairly new to mindfulness .....have done a short cbt course .... struggling to actually implement in real life though ....have started trying to do a bit of meditation too ...do a bit of yang style taichi ...hence the name cheers dany
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