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  1. hi G, i try the top two, but im not that good at it ...generally just get stressed! ......also try telling myself that im over reacting to something too cheers DY
  2. hi all, ....ive recently come across a thing called IMS (irritable man syndrome ...new term for grumpy old men!) ..... i think i suffer from this ....being 53 and generally grumpy about most things! anyone else out there similar? ...... posted partly as could get any search results on the forum about it at all ...... and im looking around for any non medical 'fixes' cheers DY
  3. hi Jolanda, many thanks for the reply ...... the farm does sound great .....maybe i need to get one too cheers dy
  4. hi, just came across this link ....seems to fit the symptoms i get i think https://hearinghealthfoundation.org/blogs/does-noise-stress-you-out#:~:text=Noise triggers a stress response,and an involuntary startle reaction. cheers dany
  5. thanks Gillian ... ive not tried that one but shall give it a try cheers dany
  6. hi Gillian, many thanks for the link ...that does sound v interesting ..... the irritation is mainly during the normal day, ususally linked to taking breaks from work cheers dany
  7. good lists ....for me the big one is audio books ....no screen time and takes me away to other places or doing taichi/yoga ...ive built my own taichi style (based on a few others ive done in the past) ....designed to fit in a smallish room cheers dany
  8. nice video thanks ....what other anchors do people use? ive tried various .... but struggle finding good ones as generally i carry a lot of tension in the body ie neck shoulders etc from working cheers dany
  9. hi all, i seem to react badly to noise, ie it really irritates me more than it should ...even something like the cat meowing at me (it does it a lot and very loud when im trying to break from work) ...ive been listening to mindful sound recordings (ie moving focus to different sounds etc) ..... but havent seen any real world improvements so far any better ways? or just more time and practice needed? many thanks dany
  10. hi Gillian, many thanks for the tips ...shall try that cheers dany
  11. hi - have been trying the 678 breath on and off ..... but im not sure i find the breath hold very relaxing
  12. hi Maria. thanks for the reply... and welcome too cheers dany
  13. hi Gillian, thanks .....mainly breath focus for a short time .... was trying to do the 'focus on light' style but couldnt get that one ...also attempting to be mindful while doing day to day things ....that is tricky also cheers dany ...plus also doing some body scanning
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