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  1. I haven't personally come across this non belief but it is out there. Being brought up in a Catholic home in a very Catholic Country there is still the belief that healing and working with energy is going against God. Last Year an Irish Bishop publicly condemned Reiki. Thankfully it was not made into a big drama but created ripples for a while. God is non judgemental as we were thought in school and churches. Growing up believing God would punish us if we disobeyed him .It does take time for these fears we hold onto to be get go of! But there is a huge shift in consciousness and beliefs are changing with every passing year. Every person is only coming from a place of fear or lack of understanding Luma. I too work with energy and am learning more every day. It is enlightening !
  2. Thanks for this information David. I find Eckhart Tolle's work so easy and simple to listen to.
  3. I believe my first introduction to mindfulness came about through the the work of Louise Hay, when my daughter bought me her book after getting a diagnosis of MS. I very very slowly started bringing more awareness to my thoughts and self talk. What an eye opener that was for me. Again slowly I followed more teachings and opened my mind to self care, self love and incorporating mindfulness into my every day life. it is a life changer!
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