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    marie farmer

  2. I have learned that embracing the grief allows it to turn into peace. It sounds scary, but accept the pain and it will be transformed. Do not deny or suppress and it will become something new.
  3. I have had panic attacks and know how debilitating anxiety running rampant can be. I'm glad you are taking meds to help. Counseling is very helpful. Please have patience with yourself and practice loving kindness toward yourself. It takes time to find peace. One day you will realize you are peaceful when you are not even thinking about it.
  4. The Untethered Soul by Michael. A. Singer is an incredible book that makes difficult topics easy to understand.  I loved this book.

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Thanks for sharing @marie farmer! I have heard his book mentioned numerous times but haven't read it.
      If you'd like to reshare this in an area where it will be more easily found by others, you could include it in either:
      1) The book recommendations thread of the Book Worms club, or
      2) Share a photo of the book + description in the Mindful Reads gallery

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