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  1. Thank you all so much for your information on mental health. I'm definitely excited to explore all these options more in-depth. Do you guys think when getting a personal trainer who is also a LCSW a good idea? Are LCSW professionals certified? I'd love to hear your input on that. Thank you!
  2. Hey everybody, new time poster here. I love the content. I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for the last 10 years. This has severely hampered my ability to hold a job long-term. Recently, I've been getting into fitness and I was thinking that personal training could be a cool career for me to start. I was wondering if any of you guys have experience. Exercise has definitely been one of the most therapeutic things for helping my anxiety and depression. I would love to pass on that knowledge and joy to the rest of the world. Personal training might be a good vessel to do that. I would love any help from you guys regarding this topic. What personal training certifications did you get? Did it help you guys with your mental health problems? I'm excited to get started. Thanks!
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