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  1. Thanks Gillian, brilliant post & great resources here. For myself, my greatest fear that I am working through with gratitude, meditation & mindfulness is the uncertainty of income as schools & businesses grind to a halt. I am a casual relief teacher &, although schools are still open here in Australia, I am concerned that if or when they close, I am without work & the bills & rent still need to be paid. Mindfulness exercises help keep me in the present with a clear head & open heart to deal with my emotions. I know this too shall pass & that, whatever happens, I can & will handle it. Being in the moment yet creating a contingency plan brings me peace of mind & allows any anxiety to flow through me without giving it any weight. Another challenge that I find harder to deal with is my husband's mood....he seems to be sinking into a depressive state which is not helped by his steady diet of TV news. This, along with financial burdens, is putting our marriage under great strain. Any suggestions of what is within my own scope of power & what I can do to help him would be greatly appreciated. Thank you once again Maureen
  2. Hello everyone, I am excited to come across this community and would love to introduce myself. My name is Maureen and I am looking to bring more mindfulness into my coaching practice and into schools as I am also a teacher, hence my excitement. Mindfulness is becoming more of an integral part of my life as I learn more about this wonderful practice. I love my daily meditations and have found stress and anxiety that I was carrying in my body by default have reduced and an overall calmness has taken its place. I am understanding more and more the power of mindfulness and the far reaching effects it can have on so many aspects of today's society. I am not only a convert, I am an advocate. Thank you Sean for creating this community and the wonderful collection of resources on the website. Namaste Warm regards, Maureen
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