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  2. Thanks Gillian, brilliant post & great resources here. For myself, my greatest fear that I am working through with gratitude, meditation & mindfulness is the uncertainty of income as schools & businesses grind to a halt. I am a casual relief teacher &, although schools are still open here in Australia, I am concerned that if or when they close, I am without work & the bills & rent still need to be paid. Mindfulness exercises help keep me in the present with a clear head & open heart to deal with my emotions. I know this too shall pass & that, wh
  3. Hello everyone, I am excited to come across this community and would love to introduce myself. My name is Maureen and I am looking to bring more mindfulness into my coaching practice and into schools as I am also a teacher, hence my excitement. Mindfulness is becoming more of an integral part of my life as I learn more about this wonderful practice. I love my daily meditations and have found stress and anxiety that I was carrying in my body by default have reduced and an overall calmness has taken its place. I am understanding more and more the power of mindfulness and the far reachi
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