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  2. Mindfulness has granted me the gift of hope. Hope that there is more to the world that I have always known. Sometimes our world can be bleak, redundant, and almost torturous. Mindfulness helps to shine a new light and really see your world in true color. I look forward to being able to really see the world in this new light. Redundancy turned to opportunity. I am thankful for this hope, and look forward to the experiences through ever-changing lenses.
  3. When I was young, I really didn't have an aspiration to grow up and do or be something. I was honestly just happy to be a kid. I think it was because the future was terrifying and I didn't want any responsibilities, or the burden to have to live up to a dream. Little known fact about me is that I can roller skate really well, I went with my Dad 3 times a week for over 10 years. Also, I can dance my butt off on skates, but am terrified to dance on a dancefloor. Great topic, and it makes me happy to share this...but also scary because it's a part of myself that hasn't really ever been out in the open. More happy than scary, which is why I'm posting.
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