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  1. Days 6-8 I have been doing all of the meditations, but few of the activities. It seems the best time for me to meditate has been just before bed, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time to do the activities. This has also been a very hectic time for me. I needed to complete a huge home improvement project in my kitchen before leaving on vacation. We have a house sitter coming and I couldn't leave that mess for her to live in for 2 weeks. The meditations have been extremely helpful during this time. I feel my body relax as soon as I hear the little bell at the beginning of the meditation. Becky
  2. Hi DJ, Thank you for your feedback. It's true that the lack of sensation is a part of "noticing". It was notable for me because I have done body scan a lot (it's one of my favorite nighttime meditations) and I could notice a huge difference from how it normally feels for me. It was also a great reminder to do as you suggested and move more, Becky
  3. Day 5 Body scan. Q.) What information do you receive when checking in with your body? I really struggled to feel my body because I've been so "in my head" lately. I've set an alarm on my phone to do the 3 check ins during the day. This exercise really showed me how disconnected I've become and that's likely why my anxiety levels have been so high the last few days.
  4. Thanks for the great tip on belly breathing. I've noticed my discomfort in other situations too like doing Yoga. I never connected the position of my body in context with the discomfort. I'll have to pay closer attention...i.e. be more mindful.
  5. Day 5 I'm not able to put the activity into action today because I did this lesson just before bed. I will do the exercise tomorrow. I really enjoyed the meditation.
  6. Days 3 & 4 I did the meditations each day, just didn't check in here. I'm having a busy weekend with a home project making it difficult to concentrate on my breath. Very busy monkey mind! I didn't do the writing exercise yesterday, but I did do the walking exercise while I watered my plants outdoor. I took the time to pay attention to each plant, to the air I was breathing and the ground I was walking on. It was a nice break from what I'm working on inside the house.
  7. Hello Gillian, Thank you for the welcome. I've been lurking for a long time and decided to jump in. Today's lesson: Day 2 Three Mindful Breaths Q.) What impact do you notice when you stop and take three mindful breaths? I noticed the coolness of the air coming into my nostrils and the warm air going out. My inhales are longer and slower than my exhales. It feels like I need to "work" to make my exhales longer and slower. It's somewhat uncomfortable to breath deep into my stomach, but I feel more relaxed after 2 or 3 deep breaths.
  8. Day 1 Hello, I'm working to make mindfulness practice a daily occurrence. I always feel better when meditation is a part of my day. Reflective Questions: 1. How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath? In the beginning of the meditation my tendency was to try to regulate my breathing rather than letting it be what it is and just watching. Once I let everything flow naturally I found myself relaxing and shutting out surrounding sounds. 2. How does this practice affect your state of mind? It makes me feel more centered. I was at work when I did this practice on my break and I came back feeling more focused on my tasks. I tend to multitask (listen to podcasts or music while working), but after this meditation break I didn't turn anything on, just focused on my task. A good first day. Becky
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