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  1. Sometimes I feel like I cant just be aware of them and the worries and stress feelings win out - so then what do I do? If they are winning?
  2. Thankyou Rick, thats an astute answer, do you know what the biggest mindfulness community is online? On the google search the forums are all quite sparse. I mean this subject has over a billion followers, I would have thought there would have been a bigger online presence. Kind regards Rick
  3. I like your combination of mindfulness and a breath its a x2 help and its something you can do quite easily in a live situation with other people. My tip for you is expand your rib cage to its maximum* on an in breath there's a forced relaxation effect that happens every time, it might not be enough but it is something and its reliable
  4. I find anxiety is very hard to erase with mindfulness I have no idea why its recommended as a solution, you have to get so so good at mindfulness for it to be a solution that its not very practical suggestion. It will work but you are asking people to become experts . No one tells you that part. Im sure jogging helps too but does it really or does it just take 5% off and leave you with 95%? Im getting pretty disgruntled by the advice circling in "humanities culture "
  5. So train awareness 1 hour per day and in 6 months time I will be aware enough to be happy? Is this how its done is this how it works?
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