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  1. I agree with Sean My purpose is to make other people's lives better..I do volunteer work with seniors & I lead activities for a lgpqt community organization.
  2. I agree that having a purpose is very important to me.How can I make a meaningful contribution to society? Whatever that I say or do I want to be honest kind & try my best effort.For me I don't have to do something impactful like write a book but when I do my work I'm really committed to doing my best.When I'm in conversation I listen to what the other person is saying with full concentration & non-judgement..I'm not thinking about what to say next but just being there to listen.For now my purpose is to be a good person with a kind & loving heart.
  3. I believe we must have kind awareness is vital to our well being.Don't judge yourself negatively.If you make a mistake say to yourself.I will do better next time.We are divine..we are beautiful.
  4. I want to be non-judgemental of anyone that I encounter no matter what they say or do.Even to those who are negative I can step away without reaction.
  5. Hi I'm from Toronto, Canada.I enjoy going to Yoga class.Doing a gratitude practice when I wake up.Spending time with my 97 year old Dad.I like to sing & sing with my singing group.I also enjoy spending time in nature.I want to be more mindful so I don't think about the future & speculate about what is going to happen to me.
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