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  1. I had a 5-minute breathing meditation on an iPod I carried in my shoulder briefcase last week. I took the time to listen and meditate before a charged conversation with someone. I chose a quiet spot inside a building with a window which looked out onto a sunny harbor. That view alone "set the stage." Then, basking in the warmth of the sun and listening, I let my concerns about the upcoming talk dissolve. After the meditation ended, I simply sat and watched seagulls soaring above the building outside. The combination of guided meditation, sunshine, and peaceful view were very helpful in being able to engage the conversation which followed shortly thereafter with grace, patience, and appropriate assertiveness. The "fears" I carried about "what might happen" never manifested. Instead, I was heard and a healing connection was formed. I am so relieved and grateful! A think a key lesson in this is to not delay meditation when things feel charged. I had carried the stress of the event up until the hour before, when I could have chosen to meditate the moment things felt dicey -- which was an entire week before! Lesson learned. Tempus
  2. Awareness and integration. By this I mean -- adjusting my daily awareness to encompass more than just the routine "to do's" of life; but being aware that I will benefit by giving myself the gift of even 5 minutes of breathing meditation. Of course, for me, increasing my awareness is still a challenge, as I've only been practicing a few months. Integrating, or perhaps "weaving in" might be a better term, the discipline of practicing meditation is another aspect, though it seems to go hand-in-glove with awareness. I'm still exploring the subtle nuances of what this is for me.
  3. I discovered the group as a results of doing my own research to find practical mindfulness information. I began practicing breathing mindfulness about a month back, which grew from being a military veteran being treated for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I live in the metro Boston area. Already I have been helped by the meditations and writings of this website and hope to continue engaging with you all over the days to come. Thank you for your contribution and participation and welcome! Taking my time, Tempus
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