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  1. Welcome Emily, I'm new too. Do update us all on how you get on with bringing mindfulness into your business. I worked for IBM for 20 years and one year the company made a big thing of promoting mindfulness to their employees and and offered some education. It was kind of a buzzword for them. As usual with IBM tho, they soon decided to forget all about and move onto the next waste of time and money ha. To be fair, with 20 odd thousand employees worldwide, it was never going to work to any great degree. It will be interesting to see how it goes with you. David
  2. I've been kind of forced into acceptance due to the (to me at least) turmoil in my life that hit a peak around 9 to 10 years ago. I had chronic anxiety and depression which lead to poor performance at work, separation from my long term partner, having to move out of my house, and away from my world; my kids. I self destructed after this, taking drugs: prescriptions, illegal ones, research chemicals etc and managed to fall down the stairs at my mums, badly and chronically damaging my left elbow that needed a few operations and treatment for two years. With the help of (finally) an anti depressant that worked, time in the priory hospital, professional mental health treatment, mindfulness, CBT, and personal development I was able to finally work on accepting my new reality. I got there and since then I have found that acceptance is almost my default way of looking at life, it comes a lot easier and quicker. One particular part of openness that struck a chord with me was the beginners mind, to look at people with fresh eyes, without judgement, as though meeting them for the first time. I look to do this with anyone I meet, whether for first time, or people I know. It can be illuminating and surprising... and fun. I am good friends now with people that previously I wouldn't have put in any effort to to get know.
  3. These I am separated from my two young kids, and have been now for a while. I had some issues with their Mum for a time just after we split but the situation has been good since . I know its incredibly painful when you cant have the relationship with your beloved kids that you would ideally want. It was hard at the start because my ex behaved pretty poorly at first, in front of the kids, and regrettably I let myself get dragged in, but after some time I was able to just focus on my time with them, on the close bond we still had,... and as much as I could do, keep them away from the situations and discussions I had with their mum about there upbringing. Your daughter is still young, and you still have a very strong bond, connection and understanding between each other. It will be fine.
  4. That's perfect. It offers insight into the depth of magic and beauty of the present moment.
  5. Welcome Dianne, its fantastic what you want to do !! I'm a newbie here too btw, and whilst having to think hard about my own practice right now...there is no doubt that mindfulness works wonders for chronic pain and I'm sure the forum will be very helpful for you. Thanks David
  6. Thanks Gillian, appreciate your response, its very helpful and your last sentence is kind of the conclusion I came to after my initial post. I said above that I believe mindfulness has the potential to be an extremely powerful tool.... beneficial to all aspects of our day to day living and I wouldn't want throw that away, I also think I have the experience now to effectively implement your comments above - I'll start working on it straight away I think Thanks David
  7. "Don't just do something. Sit there" "The little things? The little moments? They aren't little. Jon Kabat Zinn "Many people are alive, but don't touch the miracle of being alive" Thich Nhat Hanh
  8. Hiya Bfrisky, I'm new to the forum so I hope my comments are not just stuff you know about yourself anyway. With the body scan, you don't have to feel any sensations. The lack of sensations is just as much a part of the practice (although feeling them does makes the practice more pleasant for me). I've always found the body scan can be enhanced by doing it after exercise or mindful yoga, or after a bath/shower. I found a good way to actually feel certain areas whether sensations or not is to imagine breathing in then out directly to the area you are focusing on...as though breath is passing in and out of the skin...feeling the area expand a little with the in breath and then deflate with the out. This normally allows me to focus pretty quickly in that area. If anxiety is high, or you feel disconnected, then try a mindful walk, whilst watering your plants again perhaps. I know from my experience with anxiety that a sitting practice can be extremely difficult if you are really anxious. I feel that walking, yoga, whether mindful or not, is more beneficial for high bouts of anxiety than sitting breathing is. Hope my comments have helped a little !! Anyway, well done and keep going. DJ
  9. Hi Gillian, thanks for the welcome. Have been sat here thinking for a good while now how to respond to your questions. They're good questions, and on the face of it, not too difficult to reply to...I thought ha... but realised it would have to be a long and complex set of responses, as I think its a long and complex set of reasons that have led to me being close to giving up mindfulness. Not sure anyone would appreciate a long post from a newbie. I was in a bit of a quandary when I first posted as I hated the thought of not practicing anymore but have thought about it a lot since, and I'm hoping I have maybe found a way forward to carry on. I'll get to know the forum a little better, participate if I can, and then, when I'm perhaps a little clearer , ask for the advice and help that I think I am still looking for DJ
  10. I'm David and have just signed up to the Forum so Hello All !! Been practicing for 10 years or so now, every day, sometimes hour plus sittings. I started due to anxiety and depression I suffered from and whilst it didnt do much for that, I always thought cultivating mindfulness for day to day living would be a very powerful and positive tool for life in general, and I still do. My anxiety and depression went years ago and I'm a pretty happy, bubbly, confident and motivated person but please give me some advice ! I'm about to ditch mindfulness formal practice for good as it has never with any significance or consistency crossed over into my daily life. Formal practice is no problem, I enjoy it, but I just don't see any other benefits spill over. I still tend to be on autopilot, still react and not respond, still do things good and bad that I know mindful living would either enhance or reduce. Have googled a lot, have tried a lot: all the basics, plus many things I have come up with, but can't break through. I'm in the process of reorganising and developing aspects of my life, to prioritise etc and although it would be hard, sitting for an hour in a formal practice is standing out as a waste of time right now and I'm gonna jack it. Please help me !! Thanks DJ
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