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  2. Compassion. I feel that we should use this experience as an opportunity to look after each other and especially to share what we can spare with others and resist the urge to hoard more food and necessities than we truly need.
  3. Most have been 4 weeks long and ~2-3 hours per session. I start with an introduction to Mindfulness workshop, then do one on stress and anxiety, one on Loving-Kindness and Gratitude and close it out with one that ties it all together and is designed to help each participant establish a regular practice designed specifically for them. Interesting fact--when we attempt to "multitask" our average IQ temporarily drops by 10 points. In comparison, someone under the influence of pot only experiences a drop of 5 points. So when we try to do too many things at once, we are literally less efficient than someone high.
  4. I have taught in business settings. Usually to people with high pressure jobs and a lot on their plate. I have focused on teaching them that Mindful singletasking is actually much more efficient than "multitasking" which is really just task switching. I also put a lot of emphasis on making sure that all of the Doing that has to happen throughout the day is Mindfully rooted in Being.
  5. To me, meditation is a practice that strengthens our ability to be mindful. Similar to how a pianist uses the scales to first learn the basics and then later warm up before playing. The level of concentration and ability to be present with myself and my environment while meditating helps me be more present "out there" when I am off of the cushion. Mindfulness is that act of being present and aware. It is how I "show up" with myself, others and life.
  6. My entry point into the world of Mindfulness came about several years ago when my employer arranged for the entire management staff to attend a three day work shop facilitated by Nicholas Janni who is a very gifted Mindfulness and Leadership coach (I encourage you to Google him). I have to admit that I really did not want to go but I am so glad that I did. I went into the experience with a less than ideal attitude and a lot of baggage. I came out of it completely refreshed and inspired. I immediately adopted both formal and informal daily practices, read many books on the subject and started attending online and in person classes. It was the life changing impact that it had on me that motivated me to become a teacher and coach so that I could share Mindfulness with others. Thanks to Sean's class, I feel like I have touched lives and opened the door for many people to experience the journey for themselves.
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