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  1. Yes on skype twice a week and taking meds for 6 months now.
  2. Im practicing all this but anx is high in the mornings as soon i wake up.its that feeling i cant start my day "normal"and focusing on tasks that bothers me moust.I try accept and angage but its just to strong anx symphtoms
  3. My morning anx is skyhigh i dono what to try to re-shift focus to life and angage.Meds are my only crutch any other sugestions?
  4. Can i plz join the meditation group?if yes then help me out with a link plz.thx.
  5. Calm


    Its was about imagine friend or peeps then otherway arround with compassion as i remember
  6. Calm


    There is a mindfulness exercize about this only i cant find it.
  7. Calm


    I get dayly exercizes in mail and im doing them all.I notice i grow and im better and better on meditating.During meditation i feel ok but after when i start engage in life then anx panic steel there hits me hard.
  8. Calm


    Thx.well i struggle with morning anx symphtoms are breathing feeling sick depression.I jave no clue how to overcome this so i can wake up and feeling fine or normal so i can do things.Any help would be gr8.
  9. Calm


    Big thx.its anx feelings paralize me when i try engage.Toughts are help my brain not working and im scared.Fear.
  10. Calm


    Hi Gillian my boggest issue is anx panibc as soon o open my eyes.Kate evenings i feel better.Whats wrong with me?I take meds,fishoil,magnesium and graslemon.Symphtoms are terrible.Any advice?
  11. Calm


    What kind of issues?fear panic or high stress?
  12. Calm


    If u feel u need someone to chatt with coz this days are tuff for peeps with anx and deression them mail me plfpalfi@gmail.com
  13. I use deep sleep binaural beats or guided meditation to fall a sleep that helps me
  14. Calm


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