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  1. You are right Reena. AM and PM meditations are very different. I have much "calmer" sits in the evening...but the AM is when I have the time. and I find it sets the tone for a more mindful day. However if I have had a challenging day - I'll sit for just 10 minutes and that helps turn the "volume" down for the rest of the night.
  2. I meditate every morning during the week and found that sleepiness was a hindrance. I would get up early and sit and then get ready for work afterwards with my husband. NOW - I get up with him...wash my face...have a coffee ....and then sit :). If I find that I am still sleepy on a particular morning...I slightly open my eyes. There is an instant infusion of alertness....without distraction.
  3. Hello everyone! About myself...well...I live in a small active fishing village, pop of about 900 people, just outside the capital city of St. John's, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, population of just over 520,000. I am the Marketing Director of the region's #2 (underdog) mall. Yep...we do try harder ....but we know what we are up against ...so we stay realistic. I also have a 20 year background in radio/television broadcasting, where I keep my foot firmly in the door by doing freelance commercial and industrial voice over gigs for a number of national clients. Annnnd ....I operate a small business ...running vacation rentals to tourists during the season. You can see why I like to try and live outside my head....there's not much room left. But seriously, I have come to meditation and meditation/Buddhism pretty much the same way as most have - through difficulties and struggles. It has been a long evolution. In fact, back in the 80's, the I first time I read anything about Buddhism - I promptly threw the book aside in disbelief over the "utter negativity". Then, the Law of Attraction did its thing with me ...until it didn't ...and I could no longer deny the true nature of reality. The nature of our "being". What a wonderful and welcome perspective (finally). As you know, this way of understanding , and being, is not for the faint of heart. I may have been the architect of some particularly stupid times in my life - but I was never, ever, afraid to look deeply into what was going on. I just never knew how... or where exactly ...to look. Meditation has taught me that it is all within. Glad to be here with all of you!
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