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  1. David, I was just using the current slang term hater. I don't judge.
  2. I had been feeling really confident that my Reiki practice was going to help lots of people (still do feel that way), and I was looking forward to teaching others to practice Reiki too with my new online course. I placed a facebook ad, knowing that more people could find me that way. The VERY FIRST contact I got from that ad was someone who posted on my facebook page that I need to ask Jesus for forgiveness because I am trafficing with the devil!!! I have heard other energy healers talk about encounters with people like that, but this was my first time. Have any of you had to deal with anything like that? How did you handle it? I just blocked him and deleted the post, figuring the less energy I gave it the better.
  3. Hi, Gillian. Thanks for checking on me. I got to visit my daughter over Thanksgiving. She lives hundreds of miles away -- that makes it hard. Her attitude is great! She found an oncologist who is willing to give her the green light for taking a natural approach for the first two months, after which she will have more labs done. If her numbers have improved, the doctor told her there is no harm in continuing, but if they have not improved, Amber has agreed to go on the oral chemotherapy. She has started on a holistic health plan, including only organic foods, vitamin B17 from apricot kernels (which has been documented as a cancer fighter), meditation and yoga. I am so much more hopeful after having seen her. I continue to send her reiki every day.
  4. luma

    zen buddha.jpg

    Yes, Ro, I drew this myself. I'm glad you like it!
  5. I like om mani padme hum. I love the way it vibrates through my body.
  6. I wasn't sure where to put this, so here goes -- My daughter, who is 40, just found out that she has a rare form of cancer, Chronic myeloid leukemia. They caught it early, but, as with most cancers, the chances of completely eradicating it are slim. Her oncologist told her she needs to be on medication for life. She doesn't want to take a prescription that has side effects that needs two other prescriptions just to counter the side effects. Here I am, a proponent of natural healing and energy medicine, but all that has gone out the window. She works at a store that specializes in organic products and herbal supplements. She wants to take an herbal supplement instead of the prescription, but I am very worried about her approach. It feels like she is in denial about the severity of her disease. If it progresses, one of the treatments might need to be a bone marrow transplant. I feel guilty, because I never go to the doctor or take prescription medicine. I feel like her attitude is my fault. Can anybody relate to what I'm going through?
  7. My aunt who is a former Catholic nun inspires me to be mindful. She has studied and practices yoga. She has trained her mind to let go of unskillful thoughts and, therefore radiates compassion and optimism.
  8. luma

    Been sick

    Warm Reiki hugs to you, Amanda!
  9. Cool, Gillian, I'm glad. You can find thousands of you tube videos on acrylic pouring to give you ideas.
  10. luma

    forest mandala.jpg

    Yeah, I like this one a lot too
  11. luma

    zen om.jpg

    Yes, of course.
  12. tribal, I uploaded these and more to an album I created in the Photos under Mindfulness Infographics called Mindful Art.
  13. luma

    Mindful Art

    The images in this album were created by me. The zentangles were hand drawn. The mandalas were created using Word and/or Paint Shop Pro. The mandalas are useful as a focus for meditation.
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