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  1. 1. Areas of my life where I can be more forgiving are … Towards me and my family. What ever the happenings of my life like small misunderstandings 2. If I were more forgiving of these areas, it would allow me to … it will allow me to move on further in my life. Self compassion , really i need this one for my current mind state. Actually i find this practice of self compassion as a remedy or a solution to the stress which im facing . Mind is very clever.When it listen to the positive word of kindness , it console itself and then only accepted the difficulty . I would like to pursue this self compassion consistently.
  2. similar comment shared before - that respond and reflection are the more difficult parts --> oh is it ? i thought im the one who is facing the difficulty. Repeating this exercise again and again to get over the difficulties ..but i got the feeling of kindness and love towards me as a remedy for stress through the next excercise SELF COMPASSION .. Here the key is acknowledging the difficulties
  3. Q.) What were the signals that a trigger response or stress was present? Felt the tightness in the chest and hardness in the mind Q.) What parts of SBNRR were easy for you? Difficult? stop and breathing is easy..respond and reflection was difficult Q.) How did practicing SBNRR impact the outcome of the situation? Self compassion and smile at the end made me to feel relaxed
  4. I will take your technique just pause and watch the breath!!! to follow further to destress. do you follow deep breath or you follow the natural rhythm? As we have seen taking few deep breaths also relax our mind ..which one to follow? this doubt arises as we are practicing many techniques to relax
  5. What impact did stopping and practicing a minute of silence have on your next activity? its very simple excercise ...like a revision to the previous class session ..just bringing back the awareness to the current moment when mind wanders ..kind of refreshment to the next activity..Actually to be frank , i felt asleep after completing my previous body scan excercise ..then i started this simply stopping ..i felt like a refreshment to the next activity for the evening. wonderful experience !!!
  6. Q.) How does the way you use your body impact how you feel? Q.) How others respond? How does attention on your body language and breathing impact your communication? Actually , i dont feel any impact ..just i followed the video instructions ..awareness flows through the different area of from down to top of the body parts.I did not feel the bone or muscle .. when we put attention on our body language and breathing ...my concentration not going to the conversation ..what i think is to sync body and breath , it will take time it seems i dont know how long ?? people to people it differs ..Let me practice more
  7. 1.Some effects of this practice period for me have been … I believe the effect may be very big when we practice continuously.As a beginner for me , the effect which i felt is my mind is constantly telling me to concentrate on breathing...breathing breathing 2. What I’m surprised about in my life right now is … Last year i was in very stressful state about the pandemic and some other thing.Now got some kind of positive belief about the life.
  8. yes ..i will try Gillian .Thank you
  9. Thanks for your reply. It sounds like your mind was trying to conceptualize the experience but that you then came back to pure awareness of the experience sorry i didnot understand this "conceptualize the experience" can you please explain further?
  10. How does stopping to take a whole body breath affect your mood or attitude? As a first time , it increases the curiosity how a body can breath!!! When doing , mind chatters like which part is breathing now ???? one thing i realised is i need to bring the awareness to breathing when the mind chatters ..that im telling myself . Overall I felt It was a wonderful experience and the kind of relaxation when i did in the morning. Exploring the ways to connect my mind and body through breath
  11. What impact does bringing your full attention to a conversation have on you or those around you? Now a days When im starting a conversation im telling myself "Do mindful listening" and im listening them fully and gives a satisfaction.Before that conversation goes and mind chatters side by side ..That awareness came to me when ever im conversing through practice..Trying my activities mindfully
  12. Congratulations Eve for your accomplishment !!! Whether u know meditation before this 100 days or u were new ?? Out of the 100 days which one did you face difficulty and how did u overcome that ? and the one which you enjoyed ? can you please share your experience ?
  13. 1. What I noticed from this week’s practice was… Mindfulness breathing and awareness of the body 2. Things that will help me stay focused on my practice next week are… Awareness about the breathing and the body will help me to stay focused
  14. What information do you receive when checking in with your body? I can feel the awareness goes througheach parts of the body.But i cannot connect the awareness of my head during my first breath. My concentration goes either to breathing or head ..not sync both head and breath ..sameway for 2 nd and 3 rd breath. I can concentrate three breaths continuously as wellas bringing my awareness to head stomach and then to chest .separately .but synching with breath is difficult for me.
  15. For my mind , journaling my thoughts before bed for tracking and relaxation which i am doing daily now a days ... For body and heart ,i need to find out..will update here once found
  16. @Abby Iam also a newbie to this mindfulness course and also for challenge. As Gillian said " " Take the word "practice" as a mantra for ur mindfulness practice. Gillian insisted this in my clarification too...I have joined in august 21 now sep15.Daily im practicing this 100 day challenge. I am taking up the challenge daily as im receiving videos ..but i am not satisfied with my performance to answer for the integrated practice questions. So what i am doing is ? Daily im repeating the older practice and finding the difference in me (for eg : In breathing excercise ) Initailly i faced the challenge and posted here in forum some questions like you..i am grateful to Rick and Gillian for the answers. Now im feeling the improvement (productivity increased) in my daily chores and im feeling happy on accomplishing my tasks soon. There you can find your happiness !!!! A great Welcome Abby and All the best for your mindfulness journey
  17. Reflection Question: Q.) How did the practice of wishing others well impact your interactions? Q.) Did it shift your mood in any way? Did it impact the quality of your attention? When i did for the first time..i did not know the difference but now i can feel that my awareness goes from breathing to my baby and then to husband and then to me and back to my breathing. Wow !!! wonderful excercise..i loved it this time
  18. I would like to know about why this wishing ourselves and others have included in mindfulness course ? Does it have any impact with mindfulness ?
  19. hi rick.. sorry for late reply...im in pennysylvania
  20. Was there anything that surprised you on your walk? yes ..@ home now a days im noticing the things around me ..color shape ..while watching im looking minute details of the scene ..before that i have not much What impact might taking an open awareness approach have on your work? im seeing the improvement in my work .im not getting tensed when i start the work late..before that i used to do
  21. Hi Eve Tan, A very great congratulations to you on achieving this 92 nd day challenge.Daily i will see your post like .. whether u have reached 90 th day ? A great curiosity..I will eagerly waiting for your 100 th day.. seriously iam admiring your perseverance !!! And happy for the above post to get such partner ..All the very best for your 100th day !!!
  22. yes Gillian.Im referring the same article. Thanks for letting me know about which practice is good for beginners. I will follow daily and let me enjoy the benefits.
  23. 1) What I want from this 100-day challenge is … Basically i have to be mindful in each and every activities which i perform. I should know to control my unnecessary thoughts which is flowing on its direction. And i have to channelise my thoughts to the right direction. 2. Some obstacles to me practicing every day could be… 1) First three days of excercise deals with breathing. I feel down like im struggling with this practice of inhaling and exhaling through mouth and need to concentrate on belly. I am doubting myself whether im performing correctly. its like im forcefully doing my breathing. If im leaving my breathing naturally , my thoughts flying somewhere..Iam curious about about the newbies who are new to this practice are facing the same problem ..what are the difficulties they are facing. how long i need to practise this breathing excercise. 2) I feel like if i can perform this fundamental practice correctly then only i can feel the fruitfulness of subsequent practice .And when i will know that im going in the right path of breathing practice? 3) I know we cannot measure our progress but still im eager to know from the people who are practising that "how do you measure your performance in each video of challenge" 4) i see one of the article in the site says 6 breathing excercises are there. which one is better to practice for the beginners?
  24. My favourite mindfulness quote : " wherever you are be there totally "-Eckhart tolle
  25. @ Gillian : I have joined the challenge before 14 days . Daily im practising the video which im receiving.but im not answering the questions which have been asked .i feel like i have to practise the breathing excercise completely and move on to the next. I am seeing improvements in my day to day activities. Im seeing the positive differences while practising the 5th day program (a second time or third time) on the 12 th day. Is it ok not to answer the questions on the same day? we can comment our experience at any day right?
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