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  1. Hi Gillian, Feeling very happy and grateful to join back the community again. As you said "Every moment is a chance again" . My intention for today "is to continue this wonderful mindfulness journey again in my life"
  2. Gillian : It is about changing how we relate to or perceive this person and trying to connect with who they are at their core. I will try to connect with the person who they are .
  3. In what ways does this affect your perceptions of or experience with this person? as per the practice we are sending the good wishes to the people of different thoughts/conflicts .But i have a doubt , people remain the same .Whether our good wishes and thoughts change their mind ? Whether we can change the other people thought positively through this practice ..or is it a practice for our mind easing .? Reflection of this practice : My mind is clear and paved the way for what to do next
  4. Journaling Prompts: 1. Things that I’m most grateful for in my life are … God , Parents ,Brothers and friends 2. Areas of my life where I’d like to cultivate more gratitude are … surroundings and self gratitude as iam giving more importance to others and their feelings ..Need more attention to myself ,my mind and my life ,self care and self compassion from there need to express self gratitude
  5. Thanks Gillian for your forever support!!! yes we should feel happy atleast we are learning it now.
  6. What do you notice with regard to your mood or behavior as a result from this practice? I observed my awareness moved from me to the person whom i love and care and then to new people and to my family and then to universe and then back to me. I felt the openness and generiousity to wish everyone around us and kind of something great feeling !!!awesome .. "May i be well May i be happy may i be live with ease and May they be well may they be happy may they live with ease " has the power Interesting to do more
  7. im thinking about others and mind always thinking about others and others problems ....so want to care for me ... Feeling lonely Love yourself!!! care for you and prioritise your thoughts and feelings!! Be responsible for you and your well being Also want to tell myself ...im your friend !!!i m there always for you. self compassion needs to be developed
  8. How does this impact how you engage in your day? First of all im happy to be come back again here .. i listened to this video more than 7 times. Usually we will not aware of sound smell and sight at a time ..like being concious all the time . i felt like something i was missing in my day to day life like being awareness of sound smell sight at each moment. no one will teach us like this in a practical way of life. We should follow being aware of smell sight also sound at each moment. will try it out . The words in the video : "noticing the sounds around you noticing the smell noticing the sight feel the feeling sense the sensation" lingering in my mind
  9. 1. Areas of my life where I can be more forgiving are … Towards me and my family. What ever the happenings of my life like small misunderstandings 2. If I were more forgiving of these areas, it would allow me to … it will allow me to move on further in my life. Self compassion , really i need this one for my current mind state. Actually i find this practice of self compassion as a remedy or a solution to the stress which im facing . Mind is very clever.When it listen to the positive word of kindness , it console itself and then only accepted the difficulty . I would like to pursue this self compassion consistently.
  10. similar comment shared before - that respond and reflection are the more difficult parts --> oh is it ? i thought im the one who is facing the difficulty. Repeating this exercise again and again to get over the difficulties ..but i got the feeling of kindness and love towards me as a remedy for stress through the next excercise SELF COMPASSION .. Here the key is acknowledging the difficulties
  11. Q.) What were the signals that a trigger response or stress was present? Felt the tightness in the chest and hardness in the mind Q.) What parts of SBNRR were easy for you? Difficult? stop and breathing is easy..respond and reflection was difficult Q.) How did practicing SBNRR impact the outcome of the situation? Self compassion and smile at the end made me to feel relaxed
  12. I will take your technique just pause and watch the breath!!! to follow further to destress. do you follow deep breath or you follow the natural rhythm? As we have seen taking few deep breaths also relax our mind ..which one to follow? this doubt arises as we are practicing many techniques to relax
  13. What impact did stopping and practicing a minute of silence have on your next activity? its very simple excercise ...like a revision to the previous class session ..just bringing back the awareness to the current moment when mind wanders ..kind of refreshment to the next activity..Actually to be frank , i felt asleep after completing my previous body scan excercise ..then i started this simply stopping ..i felt like a refreshment to the next activity for the evening. wonderful experience !!!
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