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  1. I have been teaching Mindfulness Meditation classes for 4.5 years now (I trained to teach the MBSR course but lack the time to teach the full blown course, so my classes are taught in a similar way). Sometimes, I find it hard to find people to practice with due to living in a rural town. I have been attending a twice-monthly Secular Buddhist Practice Circle for about two years. I invite you to check it out. The URL for the Secular Buddhism Association is: https://secularbuddhism.org/
  2. I would offer to not judge any of your meditation sessions. If your mind wandered the entire time that you were sitting - well, than THAT was what your experience was. If you had moments of calm and the rest of the time, you experienced restlessness, pain, etc - that was what THAT session was. Each session is a different session just like some days at the gym or during a physical workout, you have a day where you have a ton of energy and it felt easy and great and the next day it could be totally different. The fact is - that you showed up and you practiced - no matter what the experience was. So, instead of saying to yourself "that was a bad meditation", replace it with whatever the session was - without any judgement. That was so helpful to me in the beginning. And, of course - when you realize that your mind has been drawn away from the breath (or whatever anchor you are using), there is no need to berate yourself - just simply notice and come back to the breath. THAT is the practice. Noticing and coming back.
  3. Working on living intentionally. Being more mindful of how I talk to people, think about myself and others and intentionally abstaining from talk that can cause inner or outer harm. I am practicing with these cards a teacher gave me for the path of a Bodhisatva. Really powerful stuff. It is most helpful in that I am being more intentional on the front end instead of doing the habitual thing and then feeling remorse, guilty, shameful and thinking i need to try harder. This puts me in front of the habit, I guess. I don't know if I am articulating this in a way that makes sense to anyone else. But, does it need to? Ha-ha!
  4. For the past five weeks, every weekday at 11:00 AM Pacific time, I am joining a global "Mitigation" Retreat/Meditation (Cultivating Mindfulness at this Critical Moment") led by Jon Kabat-Zinn and practitioners from around the globe. Learning from Jon live - guiding us in mediation, then doing a short teaching, followed by him taking questions from people randomly selected by the moderator Soren Gordhamer (Wisdom 2.0). This has been so helpful to me; I feel very connected with others around the globe and grounded in this practice. It also helps me set up some structure for my day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, for those who are interested, you can stay on the Zoom session and we are invited to join a breakout room of between 5 and 12 people from all over the place and we check in and share with each other for 45 minutes! If you are interested in joining in (they will be going on at least through May), go here: http://wisdom2conference.com/live You can either join on Zoom or via YouTube (the Zoom sessions only hold 1,000 people and anyone who can't get in to Zoom session can go to YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEhl4Grr46IolhzGhZ3agNw). I log in about 15 minutes before it begins.
  5. I still haven't figured out this medium for replying to others' comments. @Ro H. I have too many junk drawers too! So, I added a section to my white board that contains the post-it notes, at the bottom - tasks I can do daily (ex: clean out a drawer/cabinet, Organize a file, Delete files on computer, etc). That is, if I get around to it. Having it there as a reminder (as opposed to in my head) helps. I have checkboxes for them for each day of the week. I should take a pic and post it. Maybe tomorrow. Ha-Ha. LOL!
  6. I have ADHD and creating structure is so difficult for me. I prefer to have structure built into my day. But, during this pandemic I had to find a way. So, I grabbed my white board and hung it on the living room wall and grabbed post-it notes and wrote tasks on them (things I would like/need to do in addition to the daily activities I normally do) and placed them on the white board. Each day, I grab a post-it note from the board and do it. If I do more than one - great. But, it is helping me not be so overwhelmed with all of the "to do" items that I literally can just put off for another day. I am getting shit done! And, at the same time, I am resting and spending time practicing more and just being present with all that is here - the chaos, uncertainty, compassion, gratitude, loneliness, suffering, constant change, aversion, desire, etc. So, I am allowing myself much more grace than I normally do. After all, I have never been through a pandemic before and none of us have, so we are all doing the best we can, right?
  7. Hi Gillian. How do you practice Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan at home? Are you using a YouTube video or chanting with some other aid?
  8. I was introduced to kirtan a couple of years ago. I didn't think I would like it, but I fell in love with it. After all, I do love to sing! Have you seen movie "Mantra"? It is a beautiful movie. I am a mindfulness instructor but there is something about this practice that opens me up to settle the mind and body quickly and the singing of the mantras in the call and response fashion just resonates within me. I feel this energy that moves through me in a different way than what I feel in any other practice. I have seen Deva Primal and Mitan with Manouse a few times in concert and it is beautiful. I've tried watching their concerts online but it's so different practicing in person.
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