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  1. Its very challenging indeed! I have to give you the recognition it deserves when you practice these principles. I guess when people are rude, it's because they have inner turmoil and we can feel gratitude that we aren't in their shoes at that moment.
  2. Thank you Gillian!!! Its very nice to meet you and I am grateful to participate.
  3. Way to delve in deeper! This is very thought provoking. I suppose the values that drive the pursuit to be of service to others would be: Accountability Prosperity Altruism Goodness Those are just a few core values that would entice me to always be thinking of others.
  4. Hello Everyone! My name is Stacey. I wear many different hats professionally and personally. I am a mother first. I have two teenage kids. I currently am working in real estate but my professional experience is in the wildlife sciences. I am a 2X Discovery Channel Naked and Afraid survivalist and I am a founder of a mindfulness based nonprofit. I am a year into hosting a podcast that features many resilience related self care practices to help people with their daily struggles and to help the individual assist in building stronger communities. I am happy to be here and thank you for welcoming me.
  5. My core guiding principle is to remain in service to others.
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