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  1. Helga


  2. Mindfulness has given me the opportunity to slow down , step back and view things with a different and calmer perspective. Mindfulness also helping me to listen more and talk less and be present for a conversations I’m having.
  3. Lots of love and prayers to you and to your daughter
  4. Sending you lots love and positive energy. You are a beautiful human being stay strong during the challenging times God grace is with you . 
    namaste 🙏🏻 

  5. Hi Gill Challenging emotions, are challenging. I have a thought that comes up and create a strong emotion , it is the thought that " I'm not good enough " usually create a thingness in my throat area and upper chest, I feel it creeping up. It's dark , heavy , and dry feeling . I have noticed that the feeling this very uncomfortable. FEELING IT and explore the middle of it is the only way to easy it up , and resolve it. So usually I try to remove myself from everything and go to a quiet place, where ever that is. I Close my eyes and stop for a moment , take slow breaths and focus my attention around the area , as I would stop time so I can shine the light of my awareness to this area so I can see it better . I try to separate myself from the feeling/ emotion and and I tell myself that I'm not this feeling/ emotion it is not true. More I more look into this feeling I realize that it is NOT true just a trick of my mind. It takes couple minutes to go through it but I can feel that it resolving so I can go back what I was doing with knowing that this was just a disturbance in my mind and build on a false believe so the feeling can't sustain it self for long if I'm mindful and curious about . I'm practicing this since awhile I do feel that with times it becomes less, still coming up but is not so strong anymore because I see it much faster that is NOT TRUE . Even times when I feeling it to coming up I say.. oh here you are , bring it on , I`m ready . More I look , more I see.
  6. I`m only on day 10 , I really loved the gratitude on day 7 . I was at home with a cold and it put me into a different perspective. Being grateful just for a warm bed and for my breath . The time seem stopped for a moment so I can readjust my attitude. With the 100 day meditation challenge I'm feeling gradually paying more attention to the moments that are happening front of me , and at the same time I'm forming new habits too. Started a gratitude journal too . Very simple exercises but powerful. Thank you .
  7. @Tempus Hi, I do have challenges with to integrate mindfulness into my daily life , seem like sometimes / many times just goes out of the window and I'm mindless ... I meaning I`m on auto pilot, but I`m really happy when I notice that I wandered away and then I just stop for a moment and enjoy that I noticed that I noticed. I would say small steps. I also noticed that consistency is very important to my practice, I only do 10 min meditation mornings and 15 min evenings as I`m a beginner too , I feel its not about the minute its about a real quality I spend being mindful, I will be always able to increase the meditation time when I have a good foundation. May you be safe, healthy and live your life with ease. Helga
  8. Hi Gillian where can I find the 100 day challenge ? could you send me the link , Please ?! thank you helga
  9. Hi Gillian Thank you I sit on a chair or sometimes on a cushion cross legged, it’s alway in my right leg , same spot , but not happening during every meditation, I really have to pay attention when or what I’m doing before, could be stress related or I need more stretching ( do more yoga ). Today I did my meditation and was completely fine . Thank you for the info and your help , I will read about it .
  10. Hi Amanda I will try it out , I live in Florida so weather usually nice and warm and I have a pool here . Good idea . Thank you
  11. Helga

    Been sick

    Hi Amanda You are amazing, strong and beautiful Human being. Sending you lots of love and healing . Namaste
  12. Challenge I face is I have in my left leg sometimes a shooting pain that I can’t describe , it feels like all the energy focus on one single point , I feel it when is going to come one ( not always happens) and I noticed my mind is already built a resistance, I’m body tenses up and from that moment it’s very difficult to observe , breath into it or let it go. I would love to know what is it or what to do about it. I really tried to look at it from the detached view but the pain becomes intense and I have stretch my leg , and most of the time I’m stopping my meditation. It maybe something to do that I’m on my feel a lot I work in dr office and walking, standing all day or I’m developing a restless leg syndrome. This is just my theory. Any insights? Or any idea ? Thank you Helga
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