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  1. Anxiety is the reason I got into mindfulness. I totally agree. I'll suddenly become aware that I'm not taking full breaths at times. When I get like this, I grab my disc golf bag and hit the course. I work from home, so getting out and away from my desk is paramount to my mental health. 

    I've also gotten back into weightlifting after a 6 month hiatus, which I'll never do again. My stress got so bad a few months ago, that I started having vertigo-like symptoms. I was dizzy anytime I was in an upright position. My hypothalamus was the culpret according to my chiro. He gave me some supplements and that really helped, but getting back into the gym and better eating habits have really helped. 

    But I will say meditation has 10X'd the benefits of all those things. Incredibly powerful. 

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  2. A list of things most people IRL or online don't know about me with a twist!: One of the items on this list is not true. I'm curious to see which one you think it is!

    • I was on a competitive gymnastics team in my childhood
    • I had been dreaming of playing professional soccer since I was a kid, but music threw a 🔧 into those plans
    • I did a summer in DCI with Spokane Thunder 2008 tenors/quads 🥁
    • I've taken improv comedy classes
    • I used to skateboard and freestyle rollerblade during my youth
    • I've been skydiving 5 times
    • I've taken Krav Maga classes
    • I once auditioned to be a Blue Man in Las Vegas
    • I joined a band last minute as a guitarist for the 2009 VANS Warped Tour
    • I'm a Les Claypool impersonator 🤫

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