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  1. I do not know many people. I have a possible friend, it will be nice to hang out with him tonight!
  2. can I do the meditation challenge?
  3. This was actually yesterday. My car broke down, out near the bridge over the water from Pace to Pensacola. It was very hot! Out on a busy road, a ways from any resources, about 3 pm in the afternoon. I was already hot as no AC in my car. I had no cold drink. I was thinking about what to do, when a very sweet man stopped and helped me. He helped me get to the Gas Station where I was trying to get in touch with a Tow Truck, and a women who had a great open spirit asked if I wanted a ride home. This was a reminder to me that somehow things always work out. I always have the help and support I need, even in the hottest of times when I feel so alone. There are always loving, good people around me. Now if I can remember I am worthy of loving people in my life and know I can make good friends.
  4. I can either be an Introvert or an Extravert, depending on my mood.
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